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A pretest is given(M) then treatment(T) then a post test(M) to one group M-T-M
One group Pretest Posttest Design
Treatment given. No attempt is made to measure results of treatment. T
Unassessed treatment design
Group 1(experimentatl) T-M
Group 2 (control) M
Static Group Comparison(Intact) Design
Group 1(experimental) M-T-M
Group 2 (control) M---M
Nonequivalent Control group design w/pretest.
Group 1 M1-M2-M3-T-M4-M5-M6
Pre wk1 wk2 wk3 tx then post over time
Interrupted Time-Series Design
Group 1 M-T-M-T-M-T-M
One group Pretest Posttest with Repeated Measures
attempt to measure treatment
One shot case study
design that cannot make causal inferences with these kinds of designs and no randomization
quasi or pre-experimental
Group 1(experimental)R M-T-M
Group 2(control) R M---M
Pretest Posttest Control Group Design
Group 1 (experimental) R T-M
Group 2 (control) R --M
Post test only Control Group Design
Group 1 exp R M-T-M
Group 2 contro R M---M
Group 3 exp R T-M
Group 4 con R -M
Solomon Four-Group design
Group 1 R M-T-M-T-M-T-M
Group 2 R M---M---M---M
Pretest Posttest Control Group w/ Repeated Measures
Group 1(Ex 1) R M--T1--M
Group 2(ex2) R M--T2--M
Group 3 (control)R M------M
Three Group Design w/ Two Treatmendts & a control
Group 1 R A1B1----M
Group 2 R A1B2----M
Group 3 R A2B1----M
Group 4 R A2B2----M
A=gender B-caffeine dose
two independent variable
Factorial Design
Special effort by the control group: control group does better especially if they know they're not receiving tx.
John Henry Effect