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Finasteride =
5a-reductase inhibitor - BPH, male pattern baldness
Flutamide =
competitive testosterone receptor inhibitor - prostate CA
Ketoconazole =
inhibit steroid synthesis - prevents hirsutism in women w/polycystic ovaries
Spironolactone =
inhibit steroid synthesis - prevents hirsutism in women w/polycystic ovaries
Mechanism of axn of Sildenafil & Vardenafil:
inhibit cGMP phosphodiesterase --> inc. level cGMP --> SM relaxation, inc. blood flow, erection
Toxicities of Sildenafil & Vardenafil:
- HA
- flushing
- dyspepsia
- BLUE GREEN color vision!
- dangerous HYPOtension in patients also taking nitrates!
Leuprolide =
GnRH analog
How do you give Leuprolide in the treatment of infertility?
pulsatile doses
How do you give Leuprolide in the treatment of prostate CA?
give continuously (in addition to Flutamide)
How do you Tx leiomyomas (uterine fibroids)?
Besides Leuprolide, what else can you give for infertility?
Clomiphene - partial estrogen receptor agonist in pituitary --> inc. release of LH & FSH --> stimulate ovulation
What are side effects of Leuprolide?
nausea/vomiting, antiandrogen effects
What are side effects of Clomiphene?
hot flashes, enlarged ovaries, multiple simultaneous pregnancies (O_o), visual disturbances
Mifepristone (RU-486) is used for:
competitive inhibitor of progestins - prevents implantation, abortion (of pregnancy < 49 days' duration)
How reliable are oral contraceptives?
Very reliable, < 1% failure
Oral contraceptives and risk of endometrial & ovarian cancer: increased/decreased/no effect
What are some disadvantages of oral contraceptives?
- take daily
- hypercoagulable state!!!
- raise TGs
- no protection against STDs (duh)
- depression, wt. gain, nausea, HTN