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Push Factors for exploration:

a) Marco Polo and The Renaissance

b) New Technology and Navigation

c) Demand and Trade

a) Trade with Middle East and Asia.

b) New inventions to do with travel.

Trade with Asia.

Nations wanted more control over trade

c) Built a school dedicated to the study of navigation.

Discovery of new minerals and spices.

Slave trade.

Prince Henry the Navigator.

•Fascinated by ships

•Sponsored voyages of exploration, the gathering of information on new trading routes, and the development of navigational equipment

•Built an institute dedicated to the study of navigation

•Left court life and studied navigation for forty years

•Sent many expeditions for Africa

•He encouraged captains to sail past the equator though they believed that sailing to far south would bring doom and destruction

•Discovered new minerals and spices

•One voyage met Arab slave traders and brought slaves back to Portugal for a large profit this began the slave trade that tainted Europe and the Americas for years to come

Pull factors for exploration:

a) Gold

b) God

c) Glory

a) Riches

b) Spreading their religion

c) Fame