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What are the 2 pillars of the Catholic faith
Scripture and Tradition
Did Scripture or Tradition come first
Tradition came first and helped us by teaching us history .....
Does God's truth ever change
Human beings are limited creatures and don't understand and can't express Gods truth perfectly
What is the Latin origin of Magisterium
To Teach
What does Magisterium mean
The official teaching of the voice of the Church - from Pope and Bishops
What are 4 ways the Churches teachings are expressed by the Magisterium
Papal encyclicals - written by Pope
Catechism of Church
Pastoral letters - written by Catholic Bishops
Statement by Conference of Bishops
What is a doctrine
Sacred writing or teaching of a religion
What is a dogma
A Doctrine taught under the fullest solemnity of the Church
1. Trinity - God is the father, son, holy spirit
2. Incarnation - God became human in Jesus
What is an important doctrine related to the teaching voice of the Catholic Church?
When can infallibility be used
When the Pope defines a matter regarding faith or morals - he is empowered by the holy spirit and is without error.
Bishops can sometimes teach infallibly together with Pope
What does "credo" mean
I believe
What is a creed
Profession or statement of faith
What does the Apostles Creed state
A profession of the beliefs of the Catholic church
What are the "River" image of the Trinity in the Tertullian
1. Source: all life flows from God
2. River: Jesus comes from God
3. Irrigation: Holy Spirit helps us grow in our faith
What are the 4 dimensions of the Catholic faith
Sense of sacramental
Emphasis on communal
Commitment to faith and reason
Love for saints
What is a sense of the sacramental
God can be seen in every aspect of our life, in the ordinary things we do every day
What is the emphasis on the communal
Strong tendency to keep the faith of the church united - not allow groups to have different beliefs. We show this by the Eucharist, Magisterium, and Concern for justice in the world community
Who are 3 saints that were great intellectuals
Thomas Aquinas
Teresa of Avila
Why are Catholics devoted to saints
Saints are a beautiful and consoling part of Catholicism - our devotion does not threaten love that is due to God
What are intercessions
Special prayer to ask saints for help
What does the unity of faith include
Share the same beliefs, sacraments, sense of meaning in our lives. Have the same leader we can look to for wisdom and guidance
Are all doctrines dogmas
What is the gift from the Holy Spirit that protects the Church from error when it makes solemn teachings
Who are three divine persons
Father, Son, Holy Spirit
What are used in the sacratments to symbolize Gods saving grace in our lives
Breaking and sharing bread
Pouring and sharing wine
Annointing with oil
Pouring water
Which sacrament is at the center of Catholic life and worship
How many sacraments are there