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14. What is a compass rose?
A compass rose is a small drawing with lines showing which way the cardinal and intermediate directions are on the map.
1. What does "sphere" mean?
"Sphere" is another name for "round". The earth is round, or a sphere.
16. What is a map key?
The map key tells what each symbol used on the map means.
12. What are intermediate directions?
The intermediate directions lie halfway between the cardinal directions. For example, northeast is the intermediate direction between north and east.
19. What do map scales tell you?
Map scales tell you how far a distance is in real live as it is shown on the map.
10. Why are maps useful?
Maps can be carried about. They can be printed in books.
18. What is the "scale" on a map?
Scale is the relationship between the distances shown on the map and the real distances on the earth.
8. What is the equator?
The equator is an imaginary line that lies halfway between the North Pole and the South Pole. The equator divides the earth into the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere.
22. Name two types of transporation maps.
road map, railroad map
9. What are maps?
Maps are drawings that show the earth or part of the earth on a flat surface.
17. Why should you always check the map key when reading a map?
The same symbol on diferent maps does not alwyas stand for the same thing.
5. What is half a sphere called?
a hemisphere
23. What do product maps show?
Product maps show the kinds of things that are made or grown in an area. A aproduct map can tell you a lot anout natural resources, use of the land, the different ways people make a living.
7. The earth can be divided from noth to sourth along the ---.
15. What is a symbol?
A symbol is anything that stands for something else. Symbols may be small drawings fo things they stand for. For instance, a drawing of an airplane may be used to stand for an airport.
2. What is a globe?
A globe is a model, or a small copy, of the earth.
21. What is a transportation map?
A transportation map can help you find your way around. A transportation map shows the different ways you can travel from one place to another.
6. What does "hemi" mean?
"Hemi" means half.
20. What is a grid map?
A grid map is made up of two sets of lines that cross each other to make squres. Each square on the map can be identified by its letter and number.
11. What are the cardinal directions?
North, East, South, and West.
13. What are the intermediate directions?
NE, SE, SW, and NW
northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest.
3. How many oceans are there?
4. How many continents are there?