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Pope Paul III recognized a new order of priests, the society of Jesus, known as the __________________.


An _____________________ was a pardon from the church for a person's sins.


An organized branch of Christianity is a _____________________.


How long was the longest, most intense war, of the Reformation?

30 years

What did John Calvin study?


What language was the Bible originally written in?


What did Martin Luther want to translate the Bible into?

The vernacular

What is theology?

The study of religion and God.

A _________________________ is a special school for training priests.


John Calvin was born in _________________ and followed the teachings of ____________________.

France; Martin Luther

Queen Mary I was a ______________. She killed many protestants and was given the name _______________________.

Catholic; Bloody Mary

What is a religious belief that contradicts what the Catholic Church believes is true?


What was the Council of Trent about?

Reaffirming the beliefs of the Catholic Church and making more strict rules for the clergy.

A _____________________ is a person sent to North or South America to spread the Catholic religion during the Counter Reformation.


What is divine right?

A belief in early Europe that a king's authority to rule was granted by God.

Who was the young monk who challenged the Roman Catholic Church with reforms?

Martin Luther

Who was the man who founded Christian Humanism and was a scholar as well as a clergyman?


King Henry VIII got an _______________________ by the Archbishop of Canterbury and was excommunicated from the Catholic Church by the Pope.


Calvinists believe in ____________________, or the belief that your fate is decided when you are born.


_______________________ were persecuted and wanted the Anglican (English) Church to purify itself of Catholic beliefs.


The Church had many problems, one of which was that it ___________ the peasants heavily.


Luther found that ___________, not only good works, brought salvation (a ticket to heaven).


Luther prepared his __________________ against indulgences and sent them to the bishop.

95 Theses

Because of the peasants' suffering, _____________'s teachings brought many of the peasants to revolt.


If Luther had the right to revolt against an unjust pope, then the peasants had a right to revolt against an unjust _________________.


By becoming Protestant, your kingdom didn't have to pay the Pope any ______________.


French Protestants became known as __________________.


The 30 Years War weakened Spain and helped make _________________ one of Europe's most powerful countries.



Name two results of the Reformation.

1) The Catholic Church's power was disappearing.

2) Kings continued to gain great power and authority.

3) Kings began to claim that they had divine right, or that their authority was granted to them directly by God, not through the Pope.