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For each of the following reactions, determine which element is oxidised and which is reduced.

Iron + sulfur -> Iron sulfide
Iron is oxidised, sulfur is reduced.
Mercury oxide -> mercury + oxygen
Oxygen is oxidised, mercury is reduced.
Calcium + water -> calcium hydroxide + hydrogen
Calcium is oxidised, hydrogen is reduced.
Magnesium + hydrochloric acid -> magnesium chloride + hydrogen
Magnesium is oxidised, hydrogen is reduced.
Fluorine + aluminium oxide -> aluminium fluoride + oxygen.
Oxygen is oxidised, fluorine is reduced.
Silver oxide -> silver + oxygen
Oxygen is oxidised, silver is reduced.
Iron + copper nitrate -> copper + iron nitrate
Iron is oxidised, copper is reduced.
Aluminium chloride + magnesium -> magnesium chloride + aluminium
Magnesium is oxidised, aluminium is reduced.
hydrogen + oxygen -> water
Hydrogen is oxidised, oxygen is reduced.
Water -> hydrogen + oxygen
Oxygen is oxidised, hydrogen is reduced.
Pick 5 of the previous reactions and write the two half equations for each.
Check answers with teacher.