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What's the name of the movie that plays in the Reynolds Gallery?
Flight Plan for Freedom
What is the scale replica of the White House's Rose Garden?
What plane can be seen from the colonnade?
Air Force F-14 jet fighter
What is the plane called when the President is not abord?
SAM (Special Air Missions)
Who did the library write to recieve the plane?
Secretary of the Air Force
When did SAM 27000 first fly as AFO?
When did SAM 27000 make it's last flight as AFO?
August 30, 2001 (Andrews -> Waco)
When was the plane's final flight?
September 8, 2001 (DC -> Norton)
What was the order of assembly?
Wing to fuselage, engine and landing gear, tail and stabilizers
How big is the AFO exhibit?
200 ft. x 60 ft.
How thick is the glass and how much wind can it withstand?
3/4 inches, 100 MPH
How many missions did Reagan fly?
How many milies did Reagan fly?
661, 708
How many countries did Reagan fly to?
How many cities did Reagan visit?
How big is the AFO building?
200 ft. x 200 ft.
How far down in the ground is the plane anchored?
20 ft. (bedrock)
Who painted the mural?
Stan Stokes
Where else does he have murals?
Smithsonian, NASA, Palm Springs museum
What does the mural show?
Airplanes used by sitting presidents
What plane was used by Kennedy?
SAM 26000
Who was the first President to use SAM 27000?
Do the press have to pay when they fly AFO?
How many planes travel with the President?
What happend to the two 747's ordered by Reagan?
President Bush uses them. They will be in service for 26 years
What year is the Caddy and when did it join the motorcade?
'83, January 1984
What year is the motorcylce?
What year is the Suburban?
Who started using helicopter and what year?
Ike, 1957
What era is the Marine One from?
LBJ's era