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What does contrasting two items mean?
Telling how things are different
Give an example of Cause and Effect.
tooth hurts-go to the dentist
flat tire-to go service to fix it; hurgry-eat something
What does the mood of a story tell?
The mood of the story can tell about the characters, setting, or clue you as to what will happen next.
What is a personal narrative story about?
Stories where people tell about themselves. Uses I or me
What does the ending of a story tell?
How the character solves the problem
What is an opinion?
What someone believes or thinks-not a fact
What are the parts of a story?
Characters, Setting, Problem, events, and resolution
What is fact?
is a statement you can proof from the story to support an answer
What is a Biography?
Tell about someone's life history
What does reality story contain?
includes event or something that could really happen
What does comparing mean?
Telling how things are alike
Beverly Cleary writes what kind of literature?
Realistic Fiction-make-up stories but seems real as Ramona Books
If you are asked to tell the major events of a story, how many would you tell?
3 or more
If you are not sure about a answer, all good reader do what?
Go back and find the event and reread to find the correct answer
What three events does a story plot contain?
Beginning, Middle, and Ending
What happens in the middle of the plot?
Character is trying to solve the problem through different events.
What is a Non-Fiction type of story?
The story based upon facts about a certain topic. The material is real facts or information.
What two things does a setting contain?
When and where the story takes place
What is sequence?
Clue words to identify order.
What happens in the beginning plot?
A main character is given a problem to solve
Name clue words to identify time order to a story. Sequence
First, next, then after that, immediatley, finally,