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Which character would make a good friend?
Give two examples why.
What was the most exciting or interesting part of the story?
Write a complete sentence about what you enjoyed.
What is the purpose of main idea of the story?
This means what is the telling you. Is there a message?
Describe the personality of one of the characters in your story.
Give examples of how that person behaved;
happy, sad, playful, quiet, upset, excited.
Who is the most important person in your story?
Use examples to explain why.
What was the favorite part of the story you just read?
Give two examples why that part is your favorite.
Is the story humorous, tragic, informational, scientific, make-believe, or any other category?
Give an example for your choice.
What was the title of the your story? Write a new title for the story.
Remember to use the grammar rules when writing a title.
When did you story take place? what in the story gives you a clue?
Did the story take place now, a long time ago, in the future?
Where does your story take place? How do you know?
Look at the pictures or look for clues that tell you if the story is in the woods, a city, a school, outerspace.
What object, person, or animal would you like to have in your house from this story?
Make sure to explain and give one reason why.
Find a word in the story that you aren't sure of. Look it up in the dicationary. Write the information for that word.
Make sure to use the defination that applies to how the word is used in the sentence.