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Describe how to prepare for data collection.

Read data from last session.

Prepare materials and programs for current session based on data from last session.

Determine what programs you plan to work on during the session.

Gather materials for those programs.

Set up the first set of programs so they are ready for the client when you begin session.


Implement continuous measurement procedures.

Continuous Measurement




Inter-Response Time (IRT)

Continuous Measurement: Records every possible behavioral occurrence

Frequency: Ratio of count per observation time

Duration: Total extent of time in which a behavior occurs

Latency: Elapsed time from the onset of a stimulus to the initiation of a response

IRT: Elapsed time between two successive responses


Implement discontinuous measurement procedures.

Discontinuous Measurement

Partial Interval Recording

Whole Interval Recording

Momentary Time Sampling

Discontinuous Measurement: Records a sample of behavior during an observation

Partial: did behavior occur at all during interval

Whole: did behavior occur during the whole interval

Momentary: is the behavior occurring at this point in time


Implement discontinuous measurement procedures.

Percent of Occurrence

Trials to Criterion

Discrete Categorization (Coding)

Percent of Occurrence: 80-90% accuracy determines acquisition

Trials to Criterion: number of consecutive opportunities to respond required to achieve a performance standard

Discrete Categorization: classifying responses into discrete categories (severity, duration, independence/prompting codes)


Implement permanent product recording procedures.

Measuring behavior after it has occurred by measuring tangible items or the effects a behavior has on the environment


Enter data and update graphs.

Collect Discrete Trial data while watching a video or client during a Discrete Trial session using a Discrete Trial Data Sheet and then record this data on a Summary Graph and Data Per Month data sheet