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Hull Design
Deep V Planning Mono Hull with a stabilizing closed cell Polyethylene Foam Collar
Hull Material
Marine Grade aluminum
Hull "notes"
comprised of a single pressure tested airtight welded compartment
Fuel Tank
5086 aluminum 1/4 inch thickness. It is supported by rubber isolated mounts
Herringbone Framing
Labeled from stern to bow
20 frames
Aluminum...Marine Grade
5086 Hull
5052 Cabin/Superstructure
6061 Frames
Side Plating
Bottom Plating
Beach Plating
additional 1/4" of 5086 Aluminum welded to the keel, along the forefoot
Weathertight Hatches
4 (fwd, aft, port and stbd cabin doors)
Watertight Hatches
Weathertight Compartment
passenger compartment
Watertight Bulkhead
16 (inline with fwd hatch, below the deck)
Length (bow to taffrail)
29' 6 1/2"
Length (bow to stern)
25' 2 1/2"
Length at Waterline
22' 8 1/2"
Beam Overall
8' 6"
Operational Draft
Draft w/ engines tilted up
22' 1/4"
Point of Deepest Draft
Lower Units
Step of vsl if trimmed up
Height of Nav Mast Lights on Trailer
12' 8"
Height of Radar Dome on Trailer
11' 1/2"
Height of Search Light on Trailer
9' 7"
Highest fixed Point on Trailer
9' 1/2" all folded down and search light removed
Fuel Capacity
100% 105 gal
95% 100 gal usable
note: @86gals = empty
Fuel type
86 octane or higher
Freeboard BOW
3' 5"
Freeboard (recovery well, lowets pt)
Full Load Dispacement
9450 lbs
Max Speed
45 knts
Cruising Speed
35 Knots (4800 rpms, trim adjusted)
Max Range
150 NM @ cruising speed
Max Operating Distance
10 NM offshore
Min Crew
3 Qualified
Max Passenger
6 (10 total w/ crew)
Max Endurance (cruising speed)
4.5 hrs
Max Seas
6 ft....NO Breaking Surf, NO ice Breaking
Max Winds
25 knots
Engine Model
Honda BF-225-A (twin)
4 stroke
30" shaft
Engine HP
225 each
Idle Engine
650 +/- 50 RPMS
Engine Shaft rotation
Counter Rotating
Max Shaft RPM
6000 RPM
Engine Alarm Lights
Next to ignition keys -stb console
Emergency Kill Switch
Next to ignition keys stb console
Lube Oil
8 qts per engine
Oil on board
two qts in port bench seat in spare parts kit
Engine Cooling System
Water cooled...Forced water circulation w/impeller and thermostat
FWD/Reverse Gear Ratio
14 x 19 (4 blade) SS Mercury Vensura Series
Bildge Pump
Located Crew comp under stbd aft pasenger seat
1100 gph
18.3 gpm
Lifting Points
4 total
2 fwd...above anchor locker
2 aft...fwd bulkhead of aft lockers.
each rated at 9500 lbs
300' 2 1/4 cir DBN towing or anchoring
reel has a pin and adjustable brake
Max Tow Capacity
10 displacement tons
Boat Weight (fully outfited, no crew)
7400 pds
Boat Max Weight (Fully outfitted, four crew, six passengers)
9200 pds
Weight (full outfit, fuel, trailer, no crew)
9450 pds
Outside air temp
0 - 105 F
Outside Water Temp
28 - 95 F
3 ea side off bottom hull to improve;
Sea Keeping
Directional Stability
Planning Performance
Performance Fin
Provides Lift upon acceleration, creates vacuum for stabilization during turning
Slip Ratio
2.76 Slip Ratio
Speed Shoe
Provides larger Planning Surface, allows boat to plane faster
EZ Loader
3 (Port House STBD) Optima Blue top Gel Cell batteries
Overheating Indicator
RED light on Engine will gradually reduce to approx 1800 RPM and will stop after 20 min. Indicator Activated via ECM by 2 overhear sensors mounted on engines
Oil Pressure
Less than 23 psi @ 1800rpm
The green light goes OFF
ECM will reduce speed
Shut engine off. Turn on engines... if green light is off the RPMs will not increase w throttle movement
Alternator Indicator
RED Light
ea altinator is rated 12VDC
60 AMP @ 2300 RMP and produces 48 amps of pwer at 1000 RPM. Belt driven and protected by a 150 amp fuse located in fuse case mounted by engine
Programmed Fuel Injection Indicator
RED light when ECM sense an abnormality from one of the nine engine mounted sensors
Trim Tilt Indicators
Range of -4 to 16 degrees
Minimum Voltage indicated should be 12.7 volts
Deck Drains
2 fwd
2 aft weather deck
2 aft well deck
Deck Scupper
2 fwd
2 aft weather deck
(The two socks are on the aft well deck drains)
Class V 5000 -15,000 lbs
must be rated for a min of 10,000lbs
2 5/16" Rated for 10,000 lbs
RB-S on Trailer
Top of Mast 11' 1 1/2 "
Top of Radome 10' 8 1/2"
Top of Spotlight 9' 1'
Top of Pilothouse 8'8"
Beam 8'6"
Trailered Length 37'
Anchor Locker
7lb Fortress
3 - 3/8' Galv anchor shackle
1/4 x 4' PVC coated chain
2 - 2 1/4" DBN x 25'
2- fenders (5 1/2" x 20")
Main Cabin (Pouch) and fwd
Spare kill switch
3/16 T - Allen wrench
90 degree philips screwdriver
Fire Extinguisher (Type B-1)
Starboard Seats
FWD nav kit
AFT First Aid kit
Port Seats FWD
FWD 3 Blue Gel Cell 12 vlt
Port Seat AFT Parts kit
AFT Spar Parts Kit
-Lube oil 10w0 2qts
-phillips and slotted screwdri
-Metric wrench set
-Hub kit
Port Seat AFT Gear BAg
1 1/2 x 9' DBN skiff hook
1 1/2 x 15 DBN Towing Brdl
SS Shackle (3/8' and 1/2")
Mousing wire
Pump Tie Down Straps
Fenders (5 1/2 x 20")
Mooring Lines (2 1/4" x 25' DBN)
Main Door
Towing light Mast
Lightening Rod
MK 124 Day / Night Flare
Burn Time: 20 sec each end
Night; red flare
Day; orange smoke
Night end has two ribs
MK 79 kit
Bandolier holds 7 flares (MK80)
Pencil Launcher (MK31)
Produces red flare
alttitude 250'-650'
will burn 2.5 sec each
12,000 candle power
Signal Mirror
Reflects upto 5 miles
Direction on it
Signal whistle
Heard upto 1100yrds
Ditress signal Light
Firefly Emits 50-70 Per min
Continuous for 8hrs
Blunt end
Personal Transmitter
Do not turn off after transmitting
MkK 127A
Parachute eluminating Flare
White Star
650-700' burns for 36 sec
Decends at 10-15' per sec
Luminous 125,000 candlepower
P6 Pump
250 GPM @ 12ft lift
operates 4 to 5 hrs
3' diam hoses