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cheek muscles, closes the mouth


shaped like narrow inverted Y. Runs along inside of jaw. Opens mouth.

External Oblique

runs diagonally from top outside left to bottom, inside right. This turns upper part of your body

Rectus Abdominus

found in middle of rat from top to bottom, holds organs in place

Pectoralis Major

covers chest wall and shoulders, pulls arm towards chest

Latissimus Dorsi

found under armpits, pulls arm down to ribs


found on top of hind legs, from base of tail to down outside leg, pulls thigh inward

Tibialis Anterior

found on bottom front of leg, flexes foot

Bieps Brachii

inside of upper arm, flexes the lower arm

ticeps brachii

outside of upper arm, extends lower arm


back of head, own and around neck, stabilizes shoulders and pulls clavical forward


top of shoulders, lifts arm above head


shoulder, down back, pulls scapula down

Gluteus Superficialis

pulls thigh outward


extends foot

Aortic Arch

near heart, supplies blood to whole body except heart and lungs

Brachiocephalic Artery

supplies blood to right arm, head, and neck

Carotid Artery

Supplies blood to head and neck

Subclavian Artery

supplies blood mainly to arms though also head and thorax

Renal Artery

supplies blood to kidneys

Common Iliac Artery

supplies blood to abdomen area

Femoral Artery

supplies blood to thigh and lower limbs

Descending Aorta

largest artery in body, supplies to lungs, abdomen, and lower limbs

Subclavian Vein

carries lymph away from instestines

Femoral Vein

drains to Iliac vein

Common Iliac vein

drains blood from pelvis and lower limbs

Posterior Vena Cava

carries blood into right atrium of heart

Jugular Vein

bring deoxygenated blood from head to heart

Renal vein

drains from the kidneys


long tube that extends along the throat


box on the trachea made of cartilage


trachea splits into two tubes called bronhi


brown spongy structures found on each side of the rat


thin muscular sheet that separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity

Adrenal gland

an endocrine gland located on the top of the kidney, appears dark compared to the surrounding fat


a (bean-shaped) organ that filters substances from the blood


two lobed glandular organ located behind the breastbone between the lungs


dark colored, elongated structure found to the right