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What are the troop leading procedures?

Receive the mission

Issue warning order

Make tentative plan

Initiate movement

Conduct resonance

Complete plan

Issue orders

Supervise and refine

What is the risk management worksheet?

DA form 2977

What are the MOPP levels?

Level 0 - Everything ready

Level 1- wear over garments

Level 2 - add over boots

Level 3 - add mask and hood

Level 4 - add gloves

How many mils are in a circle?


What are the 3 leader competences?

Lead, develop, achieve


S - size up the situation

U - use your senses

R - remember where you are

V - vanquish fear

I - improvise

V - value living

A - act like the natives

L - live by your wits

What is a battle drill? Examples?

A battle drill is a collective action executed as part of a group.


-Enter and clear a room

-Enter and clear a building

-conduct platoon attack

-react to ambush

-break contact

-react to contact

What is the left sleeve patch called?

Shoulder sleeve insignia

What 8 the right sleeve patch called?

Shoulder sleeve insignia - former wartime service