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This reptile lives in the swamps and rivers of the rainforest. They can climb trees and grow to about 20 feet long. They kill their prey by constricting and drowning them.
They live in the emergent layer. They are fast and swift and have keen eyesight. They can swoop down and snatch their prey from the canopy. They eat small mammals.
These animals are nocturnal. They sleep during the day hanging upside down in the canopy. They eat fruit and plants and have a strong sense of smell.
This mammal lives in the canopy and has very strong claws to help it cling to tree branches. They are very slow and often take all day to climb up and down a tree. They often sleep hanging upside down.
There are many different varieties of this kind of bird. Some examples are the coockatoo and the toucan. Their strong beaks help them crack the hard nuts and seeds that they eat.
This animal is part of the ape family. They eat plants and fruit. They move around the forest floor using their feet and knockles.
These insects cut and carry leaves that are many times bigger than them from the canopy to the forest floor. Here they live in nests of millions.
Leaf-cutting ants
They are part of the parrot family. They feed on fruit,seeds, and nuts. They live in the upper canopy and emergent layers and come in a variety of colors.
They are one of the largest animals in the cat family. The can swim and eat fish. They also eat mice and rodents. You can find them on the forest floor, and in the understory because they can climb trees.
They are part of the cat family. They can climb trees and move swiftly. They often pounce on their prey from the trees above.
They are reptiles. They have scaly skin and live on land and in water. Their strong tail allows them to move quickly in the water to catch prey. Their eyes are on top of their head so they can see above the surface of the water.
These reptiles' skin changes color when they are in danger. This camouflage helps them escape and hide from their enemies. They live in the understory.
They are part of the ape family. They have long arms and legs and swing from branch to branch in the canopy. They do not have tails. They eat fruit and nuts.