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How many bones are in the foot
3 sets of different bones of the foot and how many
Phalanges, metatarsals, tarsals - 14 phalanges, 5 metatarsals, 7 tarsals
Essential projections - toes
AP/AP axial, AP oblique, lateral (ml or lm)
Essential projections - sesamoids (1)
tangential (Lewis, Holly)
Essential projections - Foot (3)
AP/AP axial, AP oblique, lateral (ml)
Essential projections - Calcaneus
Axial (plantodorsal), lateral (mediolateral)
Essential projections - ankle (5)
AP, Lateral (mediolateral), AP oblique, Ankle (Mortise joint) AP Oblique, AP (Stress)
Essential projections - leg
AP, Lateral (ml)
Essentials - Knee
AP, Lateral (mediolateral), AP
Essential - Intercondylar fossa
PA axial (Holmblad, Camp-Coventry