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"She sounds really nice and just normal - which is a relief"


"Do you want to be the subject of this documentary or not?"


"No its about Abby"

Nev - Learning about the family

"We'll call them the Facebook family"

Nev - first doubt in megan - finding out song was a fake

"I would never have second guessed it"

Nev - Finding out song is fake

"They're complete psychopaths. Ive probably been chatting with a guy"

Nev - Finding out song is a fake

"Yeah I'm freaking out, they're been lying to me"

Nev - Finding out song was a fake

"Cant believe i just believed her. I can't believe i was so gullible"

Nev - after knowing megan lied

"It gets a little frustrating when i have to go back"

- So things happen then they go back and document them with a camera rather than them just happening and being caught on camera.

- Are a lot of the shots staged and rein-acted?


"They didn't fool me. They just told me things and i didn't care to question it"

The guys getting ready to go into Angelas

"Make sure you have your phone"

"Are the doors open?"

"Maybe even the windows, feels like that kind of escape"

Henry - At Angelas

"If we don't get into this experience then theres no reason to be here"

Abby talking about megan

"I don't get to talk to her and don't even remember what she looks like anymore."

Henry - Talking about Angela in the car

"I really don't want to hurt this family. "

"What she didn't isn't malicious its just sad"

Nev - After we know about everything - goes back to early footage

"She has a really nice voice.. Very mature"

- Ironic as they're showing it now that the audience know that the voice is actually Angela, makes Nev look really foolish

Nev - talking about him and megan

"Theres no way realistically me and megan can be together without her getting hurt. Cause I'm not getting hurt."

- Again ironic as the audience have seen everything and know that he actually did come out of it hurt even though he thinks that it'll be Megan getting hurt, Megan doesn't actually exist.

Nev final quote - Says and beginning and end

"She must be pretty awesome because her kids are awesome. Well, at least according to Facebook"

- Said at two different points in the narrative, audience have two different view points of it being said

Vince talking about catfish

"There are those people who are catfish in life and they keep you on your toes, they keep you guessing, they keep you thinking"

- Very convenient that vince, someone who doesn't know whats happening, is saying such a relevant story about Cod and Catfish being shipped from China. Seems a little false for that to just come up in conversation