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After WWII the US and the Soviet Union realized they needed to control
European Economic recovery from WWII didn't really begin until the US initiated?
The Marshall Plan
The Berlin Crisis (Berlin Blocade) made american aware of what?
We were in a new war, the "Cold War"
H.U.A.C. stand for?
House Un-American Activites Committee
The HUAC catipulted the political career of what American Pesident?
Richard Nixon
What was the foundation of the U.S. foreign policy throughout the "Cold War"?
The Truman Doctine
Who fought the Korean War?
US - North Korea - China
Who was left out of NATO
Communist regimes
The Belin Wall was raised in?
What event was the closes the the US and the Soviet Union ever came to open Nuclear War?
Cuban Missle Crisis
In comparison to Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev was considered?
More Flexible
Ostpolitik was initiated by the?
West Germans
Which Ccountry left NATO in the 1960's to pursue its own foreign policies?
Which European treaty laid the foundation for the EU in 1992?
Maastricht Treaty
When Khrushchev's took over in 1955, he denounced the methods of his predecessor, Stalin by:
Giving the Sevret Speech
Khrushchev’s faiures at home and abroad led to his repalcement by?
For the most part under Brezhnev, the Soviet Union?
Staganated economically and Socially
The policies of Perestroika(restructuring) and Glasnost (Opening) were initiated by?
The first President of the "Russian Republic" was?
Boris Yetlsin
What are the reasons for decolonisation?
Rising Nationalism in Asia and Africa.
Loss of European Moral Authority
Opposition in Europe to continuation of colonies.
The Leader of the Struggle in Indochina against the French was?
Ho Chi Minh
In Africa, in the 1970s there was a major civil was between white colonialists and native African over control of the country now called?
While Third World Countries are politically dependent they are?
Economically dependent on Western industrail countries.