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Which cells for visual processing are located closest to the back of the retina?
rods and cones
The process of receiving and representing stimulus energies by the nervous system is called
The local fire department sounds the 12 o'clock whistle. The process by which your ears convert the sound waves from the siren into neural impulses is an example of
Gestalt psychologists hold that the brain is predisposed to impose order on incoming sensations, and one way it does this is by:
perceptual grouping rules
Without sensory adaptation, you might:
be constantly aware of the pinch of your watch on your wrist
If two objects are assumed to be the same size, the object that casts the smaller retinal image is perceived to be
more distant
The McGurk effect best illustrates
sensory interaction
The hole in the retina, which lacks a mechanism to sense light and contains neither rods nor cones, is called the:
blind spot
The chemical senses are:
olfaction and gustation
The brain breaks vision into separate dimensions such as color, depth, movement, and form, and works on each aspect simultaneously. This is called
parallel processing
Rods are
more light-sensitive and less color-sensitive than are cones
The visual cliff is a laboratory device for testing ________ in infants.
depth perception
When you read, the written words and the illustrations are perceived as ________; the white of the page itself is perceived as ________.
figure; ground
Bottom-up processing involves analysis that begins with the
sensory receptors
Subliminally presented stimuli
can sometimes be consciously perceived
A perceptual set is a
mental predisposition that influences what we perceive
Because Carmella, Jorge, and Gail were all sitting behind the same bowling lane, Ruth perceived that they were all members of the same bowling team. This best illustrates the organizational principle of
Receptors in the muscles, tendons, and joints are to ________ as the vestibular system is to ________.
position of the body in space; balance
To maximize your sensitivity to fine visual detail you should
stare directly at the object
Railroad tracks appear to converge in the distance. This provides a cue for depth perception known as
linear perspective