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Radiographs should be made of injured teeth because
the full extent of the injury may not be otherwise apparent
Elongation of the teeth in an x-ray film results from the
veritical angle being too low
If the target film distance is increased
the exposure time is also increased
substances penetrated by x-rays include
tissue and bone
If the cone does not cover the film, the result on the radiograph will be
a partial image
x-rays of _______ wavelenghts are most efficent in producing dental radiographs
The pebbly side of the film is positioned
toward the x-ray beam
The required thickness of aluminum filters for machines operating above 75 kVp is
2.5 millimeters
Film requiring an intensifying screen are
extraoral films
THe tissue which appears as a fine white line on the edge of bone around the root of the tooth in an x-ray is called
lamina dura
Material that apears the most opaque in a dental radiograph is
A radiolucent substance will produce a _________ image on the processed film
The ______ energy rays cause unnecessary radiation to tissue and result in poor radiographs
Dental radiographs are the property of the
dentist exposing the radiograph
The type of x-ray film used to examine the apex of a tooth is
Radiographs that show only the crowns of the teeth are
Blurred radiographs may result from
movement during exposure
The cephalometric tracing is used for each of the following except
planning for restorative procedures
The body structures most sensitive to ionizing radiation is
reproductive organs
The cells of the body least suscepectible to radiation x-rays are
muscle cells
What is the purpose of fixing solution
removing the unexposed crystals that were unaffected by the developer solutions
The main ingredient in the developer is
THe fixing solution is
The acetic does what
preserves the fixer
A ________ will appear on an x-ray film if it was not washed long enough
yellow-brown stain
If films are not fixed for correct amount of time they will appear to have a _____
brown tint
The ideal temp for the developing solution is _________ max
70 degrees/75 degrees
What is the gelatin suspension of silver halide salts called on an x-ray film?
What are the uses of the lead foil in an x-ray packet?
stops unused radiation
prevents film fog
What is the x-ray tube housing made up of?
As the target film distance is increased, there is
less distortion
X-rays are made of
Is the penetrating power of x-rays the KVP or the MA?
Why must we have proper collimation
reduce radiation to the patient 2 3/4
What does the milliamperage control?
controls the amount of radiation
The cathode has a filament and it is composed of what material?
The thickness of the lead diaphragm is
1/16th of an inch
The lead apron contains how many millimeters of lead?
What is the theory for the paralleling technique?
The central rays are directed perepndicular to the film which is parallel to the long axis of the tooth
What is the bisecting angle technique?
ceontral rays must be projected perpendicularly to a plane bisecting angle formed by the longitudinal axis of the tooth and plane of the film packet
When is the ala-tragus line parallel to the floor?
max periapical
max occlusal
If a patient gags easily, teh dental assistant should...
do anterior teeth first
have the patient hold their breath
have patient rinse with mouth wash
The logical sequence for taking a full mouth set of x-rays is
upper arch, bite wings, lower arch
Occlusal films are used to determine
buccolingual orientation of a tooth (cheek to tongue)
The maximum whole body dose per week for those who work with radiation is
.3 rems
Extra oral films are _____ than intra oral films.
more sensitive
The speed of the dental film is determined by the amount _________
amount of x-rays needed
If the MA is increased while the KVP and exposure time is the same, the films will appear ______
Scatter radiation is a form of _______
secondary radiation
What causes film fog?
Light leak in the darkroom
Cephalometric x-rays are used in ____
If the target-film distance is increased, the ___________
exposure time is also increased
For minimal exposure to the patient,
group E film is used.
The temperature of the processing solution is adjusted by a ________
water bath
The occlusal plane of the arch should be _________
parallel to the floor