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__________is a rod-shaped bacterial morphology.


________________is an arrangement of bacteria that means arranged in grape-like clusters


The endosymbiotic theory proposes that mitochondria Eukaryotes may have evolved from___________.

Aerobic Bacteria

_______________is a large spiral-shaped prokaryotic morphology, possibly seen by Van Leuwenhoek


Sequence of Steps for complete formation of up to 38 ATP from 1 molecule of glucose.

Glycolysis, Formation of acetyl coenzyme(transition), Krebs Cycle, Electron transport chain, Chemiosmosis.

_______________produces the fewest number of ATP(net amount from substrate-level phosphorylation and oxidative phosphorylation.


__________________is the sum of all the biochemical reactions that take place in an organism.


Bacillus is an example of a _____ shaped bacterial species that produces endospores.


An enzyme is ____chemically altered ___ consumed in a biochemical reaction.


Enzymes__________the activation energy of a biochemical reaction, thus giving the substrates a more favorable chance to _________.

decrease; react

Catabolism is the production of __________molecules from ___________ molecules called _____________.

smaller; larger; macromolecules

Penicillin is most active on the __________peptidoglycan found within______________ Gram________ cells.

growing; replicating; positve

During the summers of 2011 through 2013, many lakes and other bodies of water in Kansas became unsafe for swimming and other water-related activities. This was due, in large part, to a particular type of bacterial genus, Cyanobacterium. Cyanobacterium spp. are classified, nutritionally, as photoautotrophs. Indicate the following meanings for each part of the term "photoautotroph".

a. Photo refers to?..... be specific, i.e photo means... and refers too....

b. auto refers to? specific, i.e auto means... And refers to...

c.--troph refers to?... be specific, i.e- -troph or trophic means... and refers to...

a. light; energy

b. self; Co2

c. Feeding

Look up picture of Krebs cycle and be able to labe it.

Look up

___________________is the activation stage of glycolysis converting glucose to glucose-6-phosphate.


____________________is the enzyme involved in removing hydrogen and electrons from a substrate.


____________is the stage of glycolysis where a 6-carbon substrate is broken down into two 3-carbon products.


________is the component of bacterial cell walls containing a sugar backbone and tetrapeptides.


___________is the product of ATP hydrolysis.


____________is the structure used by bacteria for motility.


________-________________ ____________________is the transfer of high energy phosphate from a substrate to a product.

Substrate-level phosphorylation

_____________is the collection of bacteria held together by extracellular structures and secretions

Substrate-level phosphorylation

______________is the extracellular polysaccharide secretion around some bacteria; protects the bacterial cells from destruction by phagocytosis and allows bacteria to stick together.


__________is an oxidized cofactor.


When describing microbial growth, most of the time"growth" refers to increase in population size rather than the size of the individual. Why is population growth an important factor to consider rather than individual cell replication by binary fission or budding when describing microbial growth?

Because in binary fission it is just reproducing from something else whereas in population it is something new. You are able to test if it is spreading and then maybe test to see why it is spreading.