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Muriel Chidzambwa

Because she's in charge she's most likely to "MC" the event...

Vice President

Shena Changirwa

Both first & last name end in A!

Mem Ed(s)

Basically the two most awesome people of all time.

(Also accepted answers: Mariah Newman & Sahiti Ayalasomayajula)

You can just put as much or as little of Sahiti's name as possible.

Our initials put together can be NAMS (one of us is always hungry) or MANS (suspiciously close to this ones last name)


Erika Ablett

OKAY I'D LET her take my money... (Sounds similar...? Ish?)


Mariah Olsen

M is for most, O is for organized. ("...human on the plant" is implied)

Alumnae Advisor


Faculty Advisor


Chapter founded on...?

March 26th 2011 (?)

3*2=6... And 3+2+6=11!

Chapter name...

Beta Beta!

We're always working *doubly* hard to get *better*

How many charter members?