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How is chronic bronchitis (CB) is diagnosed?
The pt must have a chronic cough for at least 3 months of a year X 2 years. The cough is caused by bronchial hypersecretions. *FIY increased sputum production and ronchi heard*
Define: Hemoptysis
The expectoration of blood that arises from the larynx, trachea, bronchi, or lungs (usually bight red, frothy, might be mixed with sputum).
S/S of pneumonia in the elderly?
Increased respirations (>25 per min), increased sputum production, confusion in frail elderly, loss of appetite, hypotension (<100 systolic).
S/S seen in the elderly during physical assessment when pneumonia?
Adventitious breath sounds (inspiratory rales), dullness to percussion, & increased tactile fermitus.
Chronic obstructive disorders are characterized by?
Cough, dyspena, SOB, & reduced exercise tolerance
Emphysema causes?
Increased anteroposterior chest diameter, flattened diaphragm, & diminished breath sounds. *FYI there is little, if any, increase in sputum production
S/S of asthma in the elderly?
Chronic cough, wheezing, prolonged expiration, & decreased expiratory peak flow rates. * FYI Asthma is usually misdiagnosed in the elderly
Typical presentation of pulmonary emboli?
Usually sudden onset of tachypnea, dyspnea, pleuritic pain, cough w/ hemoptysis, low-grade fever, & later development of frictin rub.(sudden onset of atrial fib may suggest pulmonary embolism).