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name the three bronchodilators used for OPD
1. b agonists
2. anticholinergics
3. theophylline (phosphodiesterase inhibitors)
name the 4 anti-inflamms used in OPD?
1. corticosteroids
2. leukotriene agents
3. cromolyns
4. anti-IgE therapy
what is the prototype for short acting bronchodilator (b agonist)? long acting?
short acting: salbutamol (ventolin)

long acting: sameterol
MOA of anticholinergics
bind to M receptors (especially interested in M3)

promote relaation of smooth muscle - bronchodilation
prototypes for anticholintergics
a) short acting
b) long acting
1) ipratropium (Atrovent)
2) tiotropium
what is the first line drug in COPD (ACUTE AND CHRONIC!)
the short acting anticholinergic called ipratropium
MOA of theophylline
inhibits phosphodiesterases (which usually break down cAMP) - prolonged cell signalling

increased NTs and autocoids --> SM relaxation and bronchodilation

**memory trick - theo...filines
main bad thing about theophylline
NARROW THERAPEUTIC INDEX (the and filene's are too good to be true)
what is the 2nd line drug for COPD?
3 effects of corticosteroids
1. inhibit cytokine and eicosanoid synthesis
2. reduce accumulation of eosinophils and basophils
3. decrease vascular permeability
what are the 2 orally administered corticosteroids?
prednisone, prednisolone
methylprednisolone is an example of...
an IV administered corticosteroid
hydrocortisone is an example of...
an IV administered corticosteroid
beclomethasone is an example of...
an inhaled corticosteroid
fluticasone is an example of...
an inhaled coridcosteroid
budesonide is an example of
an inhaled corticosteroid
leukotrienes are part of a broad group of chemicals called...; what do these do?
eicosanoids; stiumulate luekocyte aggregation, borhncial mucous secretion, SM contraction
what are 2 ways we can target leukotrienes in OPD?
1. leukotriene receptor antagonists
2.leukotriene synth inhibitors
indication for leukotriene agents?
cases of 'mild' asthma - a nice alternative to corticosteroids
zafirlukast is an example of a...
leukotriene antagonist
zileuton is an example of...
a leukotriene synthesis inhibitor
which is NOT a MOA of cromolyn:
-mast cell inhibition
-supression of chemotactic peptides
-inhibition of parasympathetics and cough reflexes
-decreased IgE synthesis
-decreased activation and aggregation of leukocytes
decreased IgE synthesis
do you see the effects of cromolyn immediately?
no - it takes 2-3 mos of regular use
omalizumab is an example of...
anti-IgE therapy
indications for anti-IgE therapy
mod-severe asthma; allergies
is anti-IgE therapy used for acute/chronic asthma
MOA of IgE therapy
= monoclonal AB against IgE
-binds to IgE, preventing IgE from binding to the mast cell and basophil