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accute stress disorder
event to do with dying, threat of death, physical injury of harm to self or others
intense fear horror and helplessness
Distortions of memory
Kids shot at by sniper in playground
Jupiter cruise ship/ ferry disaster
Hurricane floyd
37% homes flooded
95% mild PTSD
71% moderate- severe
girls two times more than boys
home effected by PTSD
War Zones
PTSD 791 Sarajevo
had direct experience
kids in warzone
high prosocial behavior
domestic violence
media portrayals
PTSD becoming an anxiety dis
Kids in traffic accidents - phobias
Long Term fx
Jupiter survivors
52% PTSD 4-6 wks
7 Yrs later 15% still depressed
Long term fx PTSD
3000 Bosnian kids
high PTSD not depression or anxiety 2 yrs after
Udwin, Vogel & Vernberg 93
Patients low anxiety and PTSD reported their child's health
Terr 79
26 kids Chowchilla
school bus
driven around for 27 hrs
buried in tractor trailor
dug selves out
73% modderate- severe rctns
Udwin, Vogel & Vernberg 93
2-5 yrs after kidnapping symptoms persisted
PTSD symptoms
Salmon & Bryant 2002
DSMIV not appropriate for children
Scheeringa 95
Criteria not good for kids under four
Pferrebaum 97
Comorbidity of symptoms
Saylor, Pwell Swenson 92
Hurricane hugo
blowing house down to fixing roofs
Jupiter cruise ; Yule Udwin & Murdock 90
fears of swimming
though no higher than those who didn't go on the cruise!
Lagreca 96
2-5yr study kids after hurricane andrew
49% numbing at 3 months to 24% at 10m
Udwin 2000
no factors fx severity and duration of symptoms
Pynoos 87
159 school kids
killed 13 injured
trapped in playground vs injured
trapped higher PTSD
La grecca 96
14 m followup 74% moderate to severe probs
Prefferbaum 97
debriefing important -sept 11 oklahoma city bombing
Whittlesey 99
immediate and continuing PTSD for oklahoma city bombing and sept 11th
worry that family or friend may be hurt
symptoms greater w family member hurt
Pfefferbaum 99
Project Heartland
educated teachers about impact of bombing
Listen to children
forum for kids to speak