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Behavior that impairs a person's ability to function adequately in everyday social and occupational roles is considered:


Jim complains that he has the seemingly irresistible urge to wash his hands repeatedly. Such a repetitive urge is termed a/an:


About ________ of the population suffers from somatoform disorders

1 percent

Behavioral theorists explain dissociative disorders through:

operant avoidance responses.

Albert Bandura would say that a child who fears dogs because his mother is anxious around dogs is exhibiting the concept of:


Bruce "took a wrong turn and just kept going," ending up in another state without memory of friends, relatives, or his own identity. Bruce is suffering from:

a dissociative disorder

During World War II, a number of bomber pilots developed night blindness although nothing was found to be wrong with their optic nerves. Which disorder does this characterize?

Conversion disorder

While a person with the ________ escapes from a stressful situation by blocking it out of awareness, a person with ________ combines this blocking with the defensive maneuver of fleeing the situation.

dissociative amnesia; dissociative fugue disorder

Behaviorists explain phobias as a result of:

Pavlovian conditioned emotional responses

Social-learning theorists explain anxiety disorders as a result of:

imitation of the fear reaction of others

On the morning of his chemistry exam, Jeff suddenly felt an intense apprehension and overwhelming terror causing his heart to pound and his breathing to become labored. Jeff is probably experiencing:

a panic attack

The description of a soldier on alert for attack even after returning home from combat is associated with which anxiety disorder?

Posttraumatic stress disorder

If amnesia is not caused by organic problems, such as a blow to the head or alcoholic intoxication, it is called:

psychogenic amnesia.

Maria is afraid to leave her home to go shopping or even go to work; she avoids all public places. Maria suffers from a disorder known as:


Ralph is convinced that the tightness in his chest is a sign he will soon have a major heart attack even though doctors have ruled out this possibility. In reality, he likely suffers from:


Somatoform disorders may be reinforced by:

decreased anxiety.

Which theoretical perspective proposes that phobias may be transmitted from one generation to the next?


Anxiety disorders that are characterized by a persistent fear of and associated avoidance of a specific object or situation are called:


________ explains generalized anxiety as persistent difficulty in maintaining repression of unacceptable impulses

Psychoanalytic theory

Freud explained phobias in terms of: