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What is the percentage of population with mental health problems
20% and 1 in 7 will need treatment
what are the general causes of behavioral emergencies
what is Affect
visible indicators of mood or the impression that someone else may hav e about mood based on ones appearance
Mental status
the state of the patients cerebral functioning
Open ended questions
the kind of question that cannot be answered with yes or no
When should you remove people from the scene
remove anyone who agitates the patient of adds to the confusion on the scene
what is positional asphyxia
this is when a patient is restrained and stops breathing
what age group is considered a risk for suicide
15-24 and over 40
A structured exam designed to quickley evaluate a patinets level of mental functioning ins the
mental status exam
Common causes of dementia include
alzheimers disease
parkinsons disease
head truauma
The compelling desire to use a substance
inability to reduce use of a substanse
and repeated unsuccessful efforts to quite using that substance are indicatior of
psychological dependence