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What 3 major professional issues continually play an especially important role in the current and future status of psychological testing?

Theoretical concerns, adequacy of tests and actuarial versus clinical prediction

When it comes to theoretical concerns, whats one of the most important considerations underlying tests?

Dependability (reliability) of results.

What do testers always assume whether measuring current functioning or a temporally stable characteristic?

The systematic source of variance measured by the test results entirely from the person rather than some other factor

The more accurate a test..

The more stable the results should be

What can be concluded after reviewing the psychometric qualities and the limits of mental abilities and personality tests?

Although people exhibit a core of stability, they continually change

What is one explanation for the relatively poor long-term reliability of personality tests?

Individuals adjust to their environment and thus change.

Who is the father of modern clinical psych?

David Shakow

What did Shakow posit about the adequacy of tests?

We haven't reached our goal of providing objective and psychometrically sound assessment of personality and psychological function

What was Meehl's earlier findings that were later confirmed by research?

Trained practitioners could not surpass predictions based on statistical formulas

What do other studies suggest about trained practitioners?

They are a better predictor than actuarial formulas are, especially when they use data from a variety of sources such as a test battery, and interview and a case study.

What sort of potential abuses accompany the use of computer software as noted by Hartman?

Trivialization of assessment, use of software inappropriate to client, and inadequate contribution of the clinician

What are two of the human rights relevant to psychological testing?

The right not to be tested and to know their test score and interpretations as well as any decisions that will affect their lives

According APA guidelines, when is informed consent for testing not required?

Its mandated by law or gov't, its implied (school test for eg.) or when the purpose is to evaluate decisional capacity.

What happens if a test has a selection bias?

It should be openly identified and not hidden

What are other human rights assoc. with testing?

Who will have access to the test and confidentiality

What's wrong with labeling people?

Stigmatization and it may affect ones access to help

What does Dhalstrom argue about the issue of invasion of privacy?

Theres serious misunderstandings . The public doesn't realize the limitations of psychological tests as they cannot invade ones privacy

According to Dhalstrom, what is another issue of invasion of privacy?

It's been demonized. It isn't necessarily wrong or evil to find out about a person

What are exceptions to withholding information?

Causes danger to society or person and cases that require subpoenaed records

To address the concern of using tests with populations that are different and not reliable for another population, what was done?

The 2002 version of the APA Code of ethics added 2 subsections: to use appropriate valid and reliable test for population and use preferred language of individual