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What causes us to initiate the movements necessary to get up from the couch and get something to drink?
proposed that human behavior is caused by instincts. Example, An instinct theorist would say that Nancy wants to have children because she has a reproductive __________.
Instinct Theory
The choice of a marriage partner has a biological basis; heterosexual love and marriage are seen as the result of inborn desires to create and nurture offspring so that parents' genes will survive in their children.
evolutionary theory
Oscar hasn't anything to drink for hours. He has a need for fluids, which has caused a drive to find something to drink.
Drive reduction theory
Jorge is sitting in hsi office atfer a 12 hour day, unhappy and bored. He decides to take a vacation to bring up his level of arousal. While on his vacation his arousal is so high that he is ready to go back to work to bring it down again.
Arousal Theory
Human behavior is goal directed. We act to obtain positive stimuli and avoid negative stimuli. For example, When Joanna and David were first married they saved money to buy a house. Now their mortgage is paid, and buying a house is no longer an ______ that guies their behavior.
Incentive Theory
After the announcement about the pop quiz, Paula's heart rate, muscle tension and brain actively increased.
contains networks that stimulate eating. Ex. when stimulated, rats eat huge quanities, even if they have just had a large meal.
lateral hypothalamus
___________of the hypothalamus tells an animal that this is no need to eat. Therefore when this is trigged the animal will stop eating
ventromedial nucleus
a condition of severe overweight and can contribute to diabetes, high blood pleasure, and increased risk of heart attack.
an eating disorder chararcterized by an obession with eating and self-starvation.
anorexia nervosa
an eating disorder in which a person cosumes large qualities of food (binges) and then attempts to eliminate the food through vomiting or laxatives.
During grade school Kelly chose to join an after-school math activity program that had regular tests in addition to projects. Kelly knew that she was good in math and wanted something new to challenge her. People who actively seek success, take risks when necessary, and are intensely satisfied with succuess and set challenges for themselves are....
need for achievement
adopting Learning goals (play gold, take panio lessions) and performance goals (askign for the "right answer" rather then asking for tips on how you can get the rigth answer youself) are examples of what?
Characteristics of high need for achievement people
1)encouraged to participate in descisions about how work should be done. 2) given problems to solve, without being told how to solve them, 3) taught more than one skill, 4)given individual responsility, and 5) given public recognition, not just money, for good performance.
Strategies for enhancing production
When a person has to choose only one of two desirable things
approach-approach conflicts
When a person must select one of two undesirable things
avoidance-avoidance conflicts
When a single event or activiy has both attractive and unattractive features
approach-avoidance conflicts
two or more alternatives each have both positive and negative features
multiple approach-avoidance
Which theory includes the five motives that are, Biological (basic needs, food and water), satefy, belongingness and love, self-esteem, and self-actualization
Maslow's Hiearchy of Needs
Sarah went skydiving for the first time. Her first episode , she experience stark terror, followed by intense relief when they reach the ground. What theory of motivation does this represent?
opponent-process theory of Motivation
an involuntary facial movemment such as a smile out of happeniness
extrapyramdial motor system
A desire for external rewards such as money is known as what?
extrinsic motivation
a desire to attain internal satisfication is know as what?
intrinsic motivation
a voluntary facial movement such as a forced smile when you see someone you dont like coming toward you.
pyramidal motor system
a subdivision of the autonomic nervous system, prepares the body for vigorous activity, such as fight or flight syndrome.
sympathetic nervous system
a subdivision of the autonomus nervous system, is involved in acitivies relating to the growth and nourishment of the body. Ex. digestion activity increases, but as heart rate is slow.
parasympathetic nervous system
people experience emotion based on observations of their own physical behavior and peripheral responses.
James Theory
If not feeling well then smile (fake it). Helps you be happy
facial feedback hypothesis
Emotion results from cognitive interpretation of our bodily responses to a situation; suggeswt that same pattern of arousal may evoke different emotions in different situations
Schacter's Theory
When arousal from one experience carries over to an independent emotional situation it is? For example: You take your date on something dangerous (rock climbing) whatever to get her excited. So afterwards the excitement (arousal) is still there and they think they like you or they in love with you.
transferred excitation
Emotion results from cognitive interpretation of the event itself; the specfic emotion we experience depends on our goals, needs, standards, expectations, and past experiences. For example:Do we care of not about an exam score that does not count toward our class grade?
Lazarus's Theory
the brain generates DIRECT experiences of emotion. Stimulation can create pleasant or unpleasant emotions.
Cannon's Theory
The process of letting another person's emotional state guide our own behavior. Ex. A child is in the store with their mom and sees a shelf of candy. The child is about to grab for the candy when she looks at her mommy's face that looks like no no and decides not to get the candy and keeps her hand to herself.
Social Referencing
threat conveyed most strongly by the eyebrows, followed by the mouth and eyes. (mask)
Universal facial expressions of emotion