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What accounts for the action potential moving down the axon at a constant speed?
all-or-none law
According to Module Three, in what way can the human brain repair itself?
The brain can grow, replace, rewire, or repair damaged neurons.
A disease that is caused by an insufficient supply of dopamine and characterized by difficulties with movement is called:
Parkinson’s disease
The filtering system that prevents most substances from reaching the brain is called the:
blood-brain barrier
Steven has undergone a thalamotomy. His spouse believes that this will cure him of Parkinson’s disease. Is his spouse correct?
No, the procedure will not only stop severe tremors.
Each autumn, the male canary must relearn the “breeding” song. This process of relearning the song results in:
the formation of new neurons in the canary's brain
Glial cells are the most numerous brain cells.
You are reading a newspaper article on phantom limb. Which of the following is the most appropriate title for the article?
"Sentsations come from the Brain's image of limb"
In explaining phantom limb, Melzack argued that:
there is a body image in the brain that can generate sensations as coming from any body part
As you’re waiting to visit a friend in the hospital, you overhear a physician talking to a patient’s parents. You don’t hear the entire conversation, but only bits and pieces. There is something about an accident and a question regarding nerves reattaching. The physician replied that the nerves do have the ability to regrow. From your education in psychology, you guess that the nerves were probably part of the:
peripheral nervous system
“This is a bad television set. We’re getting lots of interference from other electrical appliances in our apartment.” You remember the structures of the neuron and say, “Wish we had a television set covered with a(n) ...”
myelin sheath
A synapse is the:
small space between the end bulb and its neigboring organ, muscle, or cell body
End bulbs release neurotransmitters into the:
What do the two main extensions of a neuron do?
receive and transmit electrical signals
The nerve impulse is called an action potential.
The hippocampus and olfactory bulb may be able to grow new neurons.
The input portion of the neuron is the dendrites.
In treating Parkinson’s disease, the area of the brain that fetal brain tissue or stem cells is transplanted into is the:
basal ganglia
"A purified form of ____ is used to induce muscle paralysis in humans to allow a breathing tube to be inserted down a patient’s throat.