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prefrontal crotex does:
plannin, judgement, self control, reasoning.
schizophrenic brain v. regular brain
larger ventricles, thinner cortex
after repeated drug use
the brain cuts away receptors
2 factors increase likeihood alcoholism
genes, low response
at 12
self esteem drops
rates of deppression
1 in 5 teen girls
1 in 10 teen boys
feild independent
work better alone
enjoy abstract problems
internally motivated
feild dependent
work better with others
enjoy interpersonal problems
extrinsicly motivated
Three approches to cog. development
Postformal: follows piagets stages
Psychometric: analyzes components of intelligence ie IQ tests
Info. Processing:studies the encoding, storage, and retreval of info. during lifetime
Formal aka adolescent thinking
reason hypothetically
capable of abstract though
Postformal thinking aka adult thinking
flexable-many different perspectives, many solutions
dialectical thought
thesis anithesis synthesis
college cognition
more $
deepen thinking, increased tolorence
more liberal
college fresh. most important
raising family
making money
older brain
widespread cell death not likely
neurons shrink
myelin loss
dememtia can be cause by
70 + diseases including alzheimers
vascular dementia
subcortical dementia
area affected by alzheimers
prefrontal cortex
physiological causes of alz.
plaques form on neurons: B-amyloid
protein tangles grow inside neuron.detected early in Hippo
rates of alz
1 in 100 at 65 yrs.
1 in 5 over 85 yrs.
whos at risk more
diagnosed more
U.S. and Europe
alz is party genetic T/F?
20% of people inherit the ApoE4 gene
decrease risk factors 4 alz
allele ApoE2
cuts down plaque
lifestyle habits:
-exercise body and mind and social skills
stages of alz
end is very severe.