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Anxiety disorder in which a person is constantly tense and uneasy for no apparent reason.

Generalized anxiety disorder

Perspective of psychological disorder in which learning, stress, faculty and self-defeating thinking patterns, and environmental factors.

Diathesis stress model

Anxiety disorder in which a person experiences sudden episodes of intense dread and often lives in fear of when the next attack might strike.

Panic disorder

Anxiety disorder and which person feels irrationally and intensely afraid of a specific object or situation


Disorder in which a person is troubled by repetitive thoughts or actions

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Person is preoccupied with a perceived flaw and their physical appearance that is either non-existent or barely noticeable to other people.

Body dysmorphic disorder

What part of the brain is hoarding disorder associated with?

Anterior cingulate cortex

What part of the brain is body dysmorphic disorder associated with?

Prefrontal cortex

What part of the brain is obsessive compulsive disorder associated with?

Orbitofrontal cortex