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Spa Fields

1816. Spencean aims for public to own all land. Henry Hunt speaker but J Watson instead coaxed men to storm Tower of London,4hours of rioting. Habeas Corpus suspended 2 years. J Watson and Thistlewood acquitted to high treason

Speakers? Storming? Suspended?


1817. 4000 gathered at St. Peter's Field, Manchester (handloom weavers). Oliver the Spy tipped off,encounter of yeomanry 1man killed. Petition with 500ppl set out,1 made it.

Petition. Deaths/marchers

Pentrich Rising

1817, led by Jeremiah Brandrith,300 stockiners and iron workers marched to Nottingham castle armed,aimed to form provisional gov(illiterate ppl didn't understand). Oliver the spy tipped off.

30 transported,45 high treason

Gov? Transported/treason. Spy


1819, mass meeting Henry Hunt. 50,000 St Peter's Field,Manchester. Cut down by yeomanry, 11 died, 400+ wounded women and children.

Disagreement in gov: Fitzwilliam dismissed for disagreeing. Hay promoted to Rochdale for agreeing.

Number of people? Speaker? Gov response?