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When there is a balance between changes, it is called _____.
dynamic equilibrium
What is a prediction?
A prediction is an inferance based on observations that indicate what will happen in the future.
What is an observation?
An observation is an interaction of one or more of the senses- sight, hearing, touch, taste, or smell- with the enviornment or surroundings
What are some examples of intruments?
Some examples of intruments are a telescope which allows us to look at the stars closer, and a scale which determines weight.
What are the two measurement systems in use today?
The Metric and English Systems

A _______ is a means of describing observations using numbers.
What are instruments?
Instruments improve our ability to observe and to make measurements that would otherwise be very inaccurate or even impossible to make.
T or F: The greater the mass of substance, the less its volume will be.
False: The greater the mass of a substance, the greater its volume will be.
The weight of a body may change with its location, and the mass _______
naver changes.
What is time?
Time is the instent at which something happens or the period during which a change occurs.
What is density?
Density is the quantity of a material contained in a cirtin amount of space. For example, something densly packed has a large quantity of material crowded into a small amount of space.
What is the balance between two forces?
What is a frame of referance?
A frame of referance is a basis for comparison.
What kind of graph has both variables increasing?
A direct
T or F: No matter how large or small the sample, or what shape it is, the density of a spacific substance remains the same.
What type of graph has the independent variable increasing, and the dependent variable remaining the same?
The boundary between two different materials or systems is called an ______.
What type of graph has a repeating pattern?
What is classification?
Classification is the grouping of objects and events. Classification is based on observable properties. Classification makes observations more meaningful.
What is the rate of change?
How long something takes to occur
What is an event?
An event is when the properties of matter or a systema are altered.
What is the amount of matter in an object?
What is change?
Change is the occurance of an event.
What type of graph has the independant variable increasing, while the dependent varible decreases?
Indirect ot inverse
What does the phase(state) of a sample of matter depend on?
How closely packed the particals are.
Objects denser then water will_____ in water.
What is volume?
Volume is the amount of space an object takes up. The formula for volume is V=lwh, and is usually expressed in cubic centimeters (cm3)
At what temperature does water have its greatest density?
4 degrees C, while it is still liquid
_______ is a measure of force or weight on a given area.
What is an inference?
An inferance is an interprtation of one or more observations.
What is percent-deviation from accepted value?
It is the differance between the measured value and the accepted value divided by the accepted value and multipled by 100%. It is used to find the percentage error.
What is speed?
Speed is a maesure of the rate of motion.
On earth's surface, what is weight?
Weight is a measure of the pull of gravity on a quanity of matter.
What is a measure of distance between two points?
What is a standard unit?
An accepted measurement aginst which other measurements can be compared.