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Name the times to be in your seat.
1st Block-8:25
3rd Block-11:45
4th Block 1:07
What will you recite every morning?
Pledge of Allegiance
Who should accompany you to the office?
What must you have to be allowed in the hall?
When will you be dismissed from class?
When you are quiet and seated
Define tardy
Not in your seat on time
Without a pass what zone is off limits?
When is your first bathroom break?
Before breakfast
When time does first block begin?
At the end of class what must you do to get ready to leave?
Clean up, return notebook, hand in work
Name the times to be in your seat for each class.
1st Block-8:25
2nd Block-9:39
Activity period-10:59
3rd Block-12:05
4th Block-1:15
Describe what will happen when you receive a first, second, and third tardy.
First tardy get slip from office.
Second tardy see principal and call parents.
Third tardy discipline slip and one day suspension.
What is off limits after choosing breakfast or standing in hallway?
What is expected of you while standing in hallway?
Be quiet
Where do you line up to eat?
Red zone outside of cafeteria
After eating breakfast where do you go?
Go stand in hallway beside first block class
List the four bathroom break times.
1-before breakfast
Tell the four bathroom break times.
1-before breakfast
3-before and after lunch
What are the procedure for lunch?
Same as breakfast
When you are through what must you do?
Place tray on dishwashing station and proceed to assigned classroom.
After paying for your food, what must you do?
Sit and quietly eat.
Once cafeteria is cleared out what is closed?
How many students will be let in at a time?
How many minutes do you have to be ready for instructions?
What must be written on your hall pass?
Teacher's signature, time, and date.
After first break where must you then go?
Either to breakfast or stand in hallway beside your first block class
What must you do when entering a classroom?
Get notebook, assignment off board, be seated, and ready to work