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what is Privacy?

the ability by an individual or a group to hide the certain personal information from the public.

-choose what to hide and what not to

Passive privacy?

everybody has to respect my private life

Active privacy?

everybody has the right to decide how much of my privacy i should reveal to others

EU approach of privacy?

US approach?

-protect privacy as a human right

-prevent harmful use of information

personal data?

personal data directly or in-directly related to an individual.

special categories of data?

-ethnic origin


-political opinions

-sex life

-personal beliefs

Principles of data processing


-purpose fullness


-restriction of use

-data equality


-individual participation


data must be collected in a legal manner

purpose fullness

-data must be only collected for the specific purposes


-data must be collected with the minimal amount nothing more than needed

restriction of use

data collected should only be used the specific personnel and only for the specified purposes

Data equality

Data should be up to data


data should not be in reach of non-specified personnel

Individual participation

- Data subject shall be notified about the data collected

-he has the right to modify any misleading or wrong data

Trans-border data flow

the transfer of personal data to person of a foreign.

Transborder Data flow With the EU

Should be free from restrictions

Third countries (outside the EU)

should be free from restrictions if the legal basis and safety measure are applied