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What are two compelling outcomes assured by the Matrix Designed Organization in this world of globalization and constant change.
Two compelling outcomes of matrix designed organization are speedy response to changing needs, and a very clear and aggressive customer focus
A small company in this area recently held a mini-conference to plan for its next year of business. The CEO summarized the meeting’s planning portion with reference to his pleasure that the goals had been set in a participative fashion and that all had bought into them. One of these was “to significantly enhance the company’s sales volume and as well its profits in the coming fiscal year.” Please asses this goal.
Goals need to be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) his goal is not specific therefore it does not reach the first 4 requirements, and it is not timely because he is not clear on the actual time period other than broadly, the fiscal year
How does SDWT work at Microsoft?
SDWT self directed work teams work at Microsoft are made up of 10-12 employees. They then divide the task to further simplify the development of the difficult product.
IS and C are major variables in the choice of leadership style. Combinations of these on the part of the leader are required in response to a characteristic of the people being led. What is this characteristic and its nature?
The leader uses IS when they are concerned mainly with the results but it takes the C of consideration to care for the individuals that make up to group, and motivate them to attain a goal.
The book, The World Is Flat, points to a phenomenon the author calls Globalization 3.0. What is it?
Globalization 3.0 is the current stage of globalization which started in 2000 and is still going on. In this stage the world is being flattened and shrinking from small to tiny. At the forefront of this change are small businesses and individuals.
What is the most favorable situation for leadership with Fiedler’s eight cell Contingency Theory?
The most favorable situation for Fiedler’s contingency theory is a good relationship with the follower, a formed task structure and the leader must have a high position of power.
After arriving at a set of far-reaching, a company’s management must then assure that these goals each pass a fundamental “goal test.” What is the nature of this test?
The nature of this test is SMART. Are these goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely?
Please explain the nature of two dysfunctions of the bureaucratic form of organization.
Structural nature leads to: rigidity of client relations, and sanctification of procedure. Subordinated groups leads to: goal displacement and inter-organizational conflict.
Within the exercise of leadership, three basic influence processes are at work. Please describe them and identify one of them which is the strongest and most powerful. Which is the least likely to have a lasting affect on a group?
1.The 3 influence processes are compliance, identification, and internalization. Compliance is performing by following a set of rules to avoid a consequence. Identification is when a follower is drawn to the leader for some reason. Internalization is when the follower begins to believe in the cause and act towards furthering it.
Hersey-Blanchard have an interesting model for successful leadership. What is their prescription for the most mature group, greatest follower readiness, i.e. S4?
S4 requires delegating, S3 requires participating, S2 requires selling, S1 requires telling
In Jim Collins’ very popular book. Good to Great, in explaining the success of the top 11 companies he studied, he pointed first to what most basic principle/concept of all in this growth to greatness?
In Good to Great the most important concept is getting the right people. It is not necessarily the best people at what they do, but the best people for your company. 10% of employees can account for 90% of problems
ADS has the practice of having the local salesman or sales manager determine the pricing on jobs in the region. This would be contrasted with the classical practice of contacting the head office for such a decision. What is this practice called?
The process of delegating more authority to different branches of the company is decentralization.
Please point to 2 improvements decentralization achieves over a conventional organization of the bureaucratic character.
An improvement of decentralization is that is shortens the reaction time with processes. Another improvement is a more fluid and responsive culture or work.
Identify the crucial issue or malady in decision making at Mogadishu. Explain.
The crucial issue in Mogadishu was group think. As a result of group think people are ignorant of outside opinion, they refuse to look at other alternatives and often their choices result in bad decisions.
If a theory X oriented manager were to treat his people as we would predict, what would their responses be if, on the one hand, they had good self-esteem and, on the other hand, if they had poor self-esteem?
If they had high self-esteem they will seek revenge covertly with covert aggression and low self-esteem will respond extremely overtly as demonstrated in the scene from Full Metal Jacket
The Hawthorne studies were the turning point in Management Theory. What key lesson was learned?
The key lesson learned in the Hawthorne studies is that if you pay attention to people and demonstrate a care for them their productivity will increase.
Cohesion and morale are vital characteristics of a group. What is the worst possible outcome with alternative strengths of each?
Strong morale and low cohesion has good output (could be better), and for low morale and high cohesion you face sabotage (prelude to change)
What occurred internationally to create what Friedman labeled “Globalization 3.0”
The triple convergence occurred: 1. At first 10 flatteners were separate, in 200 brought together. 2. Horizontalization of businesses incorporating flatteners. 3. Opening up of previously restricted economies to the world.
What is the most fundamental requirement of a great company in the Good to Great book/concepts? Explain
What is the most essential of acquired needs for leadership? Is there not a potential for harm with it? Explain briefly.
Please describe and ELOC person and the responsiveness one could anticipate from him/her.
A person with external locus of control: likes to follow rules and procedures, believes that good things happen as result of luck. Expect them to do only what they are told to do.
John McCain is a powerful leader. Whether you like his politics or his decisions, you must admit that he has a good deal of power. Given your knowledge of power, in your estimation, from whence does his power come?
Legitimate power: politician, referent power: people identify with his beliefs
Please supply two features of the bureaucratic form of organization.
Bureaucratic form of organization consists of rigid organization structure and specific job requirements.
Parkinson’s law is the reality that 80% of the company’s revenues will be produced by 20% of it’s customers, right?
Parkinson’s Law states that the work increases arithmetically and workers increases geometrically.
Please describe the second phase of a group’s development and what the leader must do to traverse it.
Forming-Getting Aquainted, Testing commitment, Unrelated to task
Storming-Resisting to work together, unfocused
Norming-Giving constructive feedvack, setting norms, respecting ideas
Performing-Making progress, improving work
Please supply two features of the futuristic Learning Organization
highly disciplined search for growth, constant benchmarking
Please describe a person with ILOC and how they’d behave
Hard work is rewarded, prefer freedom from rules, are likely to go beyond what is expected.
What is the Hedgehog Concept?
A person engages in an activity that they can be the best at, passionate about, and provides rewards that drive economic engine
1.After arriving at a set of goals each of which passed the SMART test, the company’s executives now must turn to what step in the Planning Process? What are some of the essential elements (3) to be considered in this crucial step?
The next step that the company engages in is the implementation of the SMART GOAL. 1)Here the executives must develop strategies and tactics to bring to goal to fruit 2) integrate them by assigning employees to carry out 3) make adjustments to these duties as necessary.