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Sig: a
Translation: Before
Sig: aa
Translation: Of each
Sig: ac
Translation: Before meals
Sig: ad
Translation: In the right ear
Sig: ad
Translation: Up to
Sig: ad lib
Translation: At pleasure
Sig: al
Translation: In the left ear
Sig: am
Translation: Morning
Sig: aq
Translation: Water
Sig: as
Translation: In the left ear
Sig: atc
Translation: Around the clock
Translation: In each ear
Sig: bid
Translation: Twice a day
Sig: biw
Translation: 2 times a week
Sig: c
Translation: With
Sig: cap
Translation: Capsule
Sig: DC
Translation: Discontinue
Sig: div
Translation: Divide
Sig: dtd
Translation: Give of such doses
Sig: et
Translation: And
Sig: fl
Translation: Fluid
Sig: ft
Translation: Make or let it be made
Sig: g
Translation: Gram
Sig: gr
Translation: Grain
Sig: gtt
Translation: Drop
Sig: gtts
Translation: Drops
Sig: h
Translation: Hour
Sig: HA
Translation: Headache
Sig: hs
Translation: At bedtime
Sig: M.
Translation: Mix
Sig: mcg or ug
Translation: Microgram
Sig: mg
Translation: Milligram
Sig: N & V
Translation: Nausea and Vomiting
Sig: noc
Translation: Night
Sig: noct
Translation: At night
Sig: non
Translation: Not
Sig: non. rep. or NR
Translation: Do not repeat
Sig: npo
Translation: Nothing by mouth
Sig: od
Translation: In the right eye
Sig: ol
Translation: In the left eye
Sig: os
Translation: In the left eye
Sig: ou
Translation: In each eye
Sig: pc
Translation: After meals
Sig: pm
Translation: Evening
Sig: po
Translation: By mouth
Sig: pr
Translation: Rectally
Sig: prn
Translation: As needed or if needed
Sig: pulv
Translation: Powder
Sig: q
Translation: Every
Sig: qd
Translation: Every day
Sig: qh or q1h
Translation: Every hour
Sig: qid
Translation: 4 times a day
Sig: qod
Translation: Every other day
Sig: qs
Translation: As much as sufficient
Sig: qs ad
Translation: A sufficient quantity to (prepare)
Sig: rep. or rept.
Translation: Let it be repeated
Sig: Rx
Translation: Take thou
Sig: s
Translation: Without
sig: sig
Translation: Mark thou
Sig: SL
Translation: Sublingual
Sig: sol
Translation: Solution
Sig: ss
Translation: One-half (1/2)
Sig: stat
Translation: Immediately or at once
Sig: supp
Translation: Suppository
Sig: susp
Translation: Suspension
Sig: syr
Translation: Syrup
Sig: tab
Translation: Tablet
Sig: tbsp
Translation: Tablespoon
Sig: tid
Translation: 3 times a day
Sig: tiw
Translation: 3 times a week
Sig: tsp
Translation: Teaspoon
Sig: ud
Translation: As directed
Sig: ung
Translation: Ointment
Sig: wk
Translation: Week