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"Oh, no," thought Jim, "the door to the shed is stuck again." It happened sometimes in the summer, on hot, damp days when the wood swelled up and jammed in the door frame. Usually, all Jim could do was wait for the weather to dry out and the door to open by itself. Today was no different. He pushed and he pushed, but the door was immovable.

Something that is immovable does not ___________.
My bed was uncomfortable.

If something is uncomfortable it is __________.
not comfortable
How often can you recall your dreams?

When you recall something you ___________.
call back; remember
It is uncommon for a new baby to sleep through the night.

The word uncommon means __________.
not common
Joey was unsure, but he thought we should keep going.

If you are unsure, you are __________.
not sure
Joey and I got lost on our hike through the forest. We disagreed on what to do.

If they disagreed they probably _____________.
did not agree
All week Anna waited for the phone to ring to tell her she had won the contest. She wanted so much to win the car. But everyone told her that her chances of winning were slim. So many pople had entered the contest, it was unlikely she would win the grand prize.

If something is unlikely it probably ___________.
won't happen
I wanted to try to retrace our steps.

To retrace is to ___________.
trace again
The diamond was very large. But it wasn't worth a lot. It didn't shine the way it should. It was imperfect.

When something is imperfect, it
has something wrong with it
Gina was always alone. She didn't like to talk to anyone. Sometimes she would frown when people asked her to play. She was very unfriendly.

Someone who is unfriendly doesn't like ___________.