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Loving Helena selflessly

Have I encouraged her recently? Am I gentle in my communication? What needs does she have? How else can I show love to her? Have I served her recently?

Space for God

Am I worshipping God? Am I listening to Him? Am I reading the Bible and obeying it? Am I praying? Am I taking regular space for God times?

Supporting the wider church

Am I serving the church? What needs can I help in? What ministries are there to pray for? How can I pray for the leadership?

Tell in others about Jesus

Who have I shared the Gospel with recently? Who am I regularly discipling? Is God telling me to do anything differently in ministry? What equipping do I need in the Spirit?


What is God leading me to intercede for? What words, pictures has he given me recently? Am I giving time for it? Have there been any answers to prayer recently?

Looking after my body

Enough physical rest? Avoiding late night things (TV, etc)? Exercise 2-3 x per week? Feeling energised or depleted? Day off? Casting burdens on the Lord? Sufficient margin?

Doing my best at work

Preparation. Helping students. Being a team player. Am I overworked? My schedule.

Building up team mates

Am I encouraging them? What needs are there? Any issues between me and someone?

Caring for and discipling my kids

Am I being kind? Am I being gentle? Do I spend quality time with them? Present needs? What's the Spirit teaching them through me? Any promises?