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airmail facility
generally located at an airport, this is a branch of the post office that distributes mail by air
annual leave
time off that you are paid for or vacation time
auxillary route
an additional route for carriers that adds delivery service but used less than 8 hours a day
a postmark found on the backside of a piece of mail
back stamp
a branch is usually located outside city or town limits and is considered a substation of the main branch that is located inside the city limits
branch post office
stacking mail on the machine feeder to prepare it for the machine itself
batching mail
a group or bundle of mail that is bound together and have a common destination
a carrier route with at least 70% of delivery addresses being businesses
business route
mail that goes directly to mail carrier routes and bypasses the distribution centers
by-pass mail
this is where postage due, COD, customs duty, registered and certified mail are passed to carriers
a term used for customers that come to the post office to pick up mail regularly
used to deface postage used, this machine prevents re-usage of stamps on mail and also postmarks it.
canceling machine
mail that is carried out by the carrier for delivery. usually in a pouch
carry out
a case checker must check a case to prove knowledge of a distribution schematic.
case examination
a label put on a caseto indicate which mail is to be seperated or to be put in that box.
case label
placing flat mail in order, preparing it for delivery or separating flats and letters into carrying cases
casing or routing
referred to CFS, it serves as a central point to forward mail
Centralized Fowarding Service
commonly referred to as kirsch, this is third class mail that is distributed to more than one person such as a retail sale flyer
delivery destinations within city limits
city delivery
las bundling for dispatch
this is the abbreviation for Cash On
getting mail in order and in to sets
collating mail
a route where a carrier makes stops to collect mail
collection route
an employee that collects mail from various locations such as boxes, classified stations, streets, and brings it back to the post office for processing
a route that require other tasks other than just delivery of mail
combination service route
a collection box with a mail depositchute
courtesy box
a belt used to move letter, flats and small parcel packages
culling belt
the time which mail is to be dispatched from cases
cut off time
a letter that contains incorrect deliver info and does not have a return address renderng it "dead" as in undeliverable
dead letter
a bundle of mail made for one individual, firm, or town
mail that was addressed to another post office and must be re-worked before dispatching
an opening that mail is dropped into
traveling through a route or portion of a route without making deliveries
dead heading
a deviation or departure from the normal route or routine
a person who dispatches mail to its proper location
mail that is arranged so that address and postage face the same direction
faced mail
a label attached to a bundle of mail that indicates whether the bundle will be directed to a sectional center or direct mail
facing slip
a case that is marked last withdrawal of preferential mail
final case
the final verification step that ensures mail is being sent to the correct destination
when certain firms receive large enough bundles of mail, this mail is bundled and delivered to the individual firms, known as special treatment
firm directs
a route where a carrier delivers mail be foot
foot route
a change of address card that is filed with the post office. the card indicates an address to forward mail to
foward order
sent by a designated person, this mail has no postage stamps for postage
franked mail
mail that has no postage because it is not required, such as mail for the blind, penalty mail and franked mail
free matter
a schematic or plan that indicates how each post office within the state is supplied and distributes mail
general state scheme
a permanent label that is used for different schemes and avoids re-labeling the case
mail that is coming into facility for processing
an iron lock used in the post office
LA locks
mail that will not be damaged when put into a certain size case
letter size mail
mail that will not be damaged when put into a certain size case
letter size mail
mail that is in the same area of addresses of that particular post office
local mail
envelopes that are not bigger that
6 1/2" wider and are more than 7" in length
long letters
a room that overlooks the post office
mail that is either undeliverable or has a new address for a recipient that has moved
marked up mail
mail that is sent to the wrong destination
a route where mail is collected or distributed by motorized vehicle
motorized route
mail that is undeliverable due to incorrect addressing, insufficient addressing or is not legible
machine is used to automatically face and cancel mail
Mark II Facer Canceler
mail that is ran through a meter rather than placing stamps on the parcels. the meter stamps the package with the amount of postage and indicates the meter number.
metered mail
mail that was delivered not following schematic, orders, or schemes
missent mail
a mail route using motorized vehicle
mounted mail
regular mail or mail that is not COD or registered, etc
ordinary mail
non-local mail that will be sent to other offices
a bag used to distribute mail that is not first class and has a fastener and draw string
a plan that outlines how mail will be delivered
mail going through the second distribution
a cell or sub-division of a distribution case
the time an employee is scheduled to work
envelopes shorter than 7"
short letters
overlooking a piece of mail while pulling a case
mail that must be hand stamped because it has an odd shape and cannot go through the automated machines
mail that is not getting processed due to lack of employees
stuck mail
an employee break room
swing mail
mail that is ordered for delivery
sequenced mail
mail that is less than 16 ounces
third class
a bundle of mail tied with string or bound with rubber bands that have a label of destination
tie outs
mail that reached the final distributor by mistake and must be sent to the correct distributor
throw backs
a form use dto located lost mail
cards used by the post office to verify that mail is being delivered correctly
test card
a case where the postal worker places mail that is undeliverable or forwarded
throw back case
a substitute carrier that delivers mail when there is a need for a replacement due to employee absence
utility carrier
an extension on a case to make the case bigger
winged case
mail that needs to be distributed or sorted
working mail
a designated area in the post office where handling, separation and dispatching or mail occurs.
workroom floor
Zip Mail Translator