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What is the genus


What is the species

Scrofa, Vittatus

What is a piglet

Young pig prior to weaning

What is a shoat

Intact immature male

What is a pig

Young swine of either sex, less than 120# (around 4 mon old)

What is a hog

Large swine of either sex; commercial producers usually prefer this term when referring to any size of swine

What is a swine

Refers to the porcine species

What is a sow

Mature intact female

What is a boar

Mature intact male

What is a barrow

Male castrated before puberty

What is a stag

Male castrated after puberty

What is a gilt

Immature female

What is farrowing


What is the normal temp


What is the normal pulse rate

60-90 bpm (adults)

200-280 bpm (newborns)

What is the normal respiration rate

10-24 breaths per minute

up to 50 in young

What is a maternal line

Breed of swine that has stronger maternal characteristics

What is a terminal line

Breed of swine that has stronger meat characteristics

What do most commercial hog producers use

Synthetic lines

American Landrace

Chester White




Poland China

Spotted Swine



What is their estrus cycle


When is puberty

4-8 mon (female)

6-8 mon (male

When is the first time of breeding

7-9 mon

How long is the estrous cycle

18-24 days

How long is estrus

2-3 days

When does ovulation occur

40-46 hrs after the beginning of estrus

When is the optimal time of breeding

24-36 hrs after the onset of estrus (older)

12-24 hrs after the onset of estrus (gilts)

How long is their gestation

114 days

What is a normal weight for piglets

4-4.5 lbs

What is a normal litter size


When are piglets weaned

3-6 wks

What are the goals of production

To wean 21-22 pigs per year

Average 2.57 litters

Wean 9 piglets per litter or more

What is the boar effect

Boar exposure to gilts causes earlier onset of puberty with some synchronization

What are the signs of estrus

Frequent mounting by other sows

Restless activity

Swelling of the vulva

Discharge from the vulva

Frequent urination

Decreased appetite

Loud grunting


What is lordosis

Response during male mounting or when back pressure is applied resulting in a rigid stance and erect ears

What is not recommended for semen collection


What semen is more effective

Fresh and cooled

How many times will the female be AI

2-3 times per estrus

What is heterospermic insemination

Insemination of a female with a mixture of semen from multiple males

What is homospermic insemination

Insemination of a female with semen from only one male

What are the cs of impending parturition

Vulva swelling

Labial mucosa hypermic

Mammary gland enlargement


Respiratory rates increase

Restless and nesting

What occurs during stage 1 parturition


Lateral recumbency

What occurs in stage 2 of parturition

Farrowing interval: 16 min

Still birth: 30 min or longer

All delivered in 4-6 hours

What percentage of piglets are delivered breached


How long should stage 3 of parturition take

Complete within 4 hours

What is the percentage of dystocia

less than 1

When should assistance be sought

45-60 minutes without progress

What is good neonatal care

Oxygenation and pulse assessment

Temp regulation

Care of the umbilical cord and umbilicus



Passage of meconium

Adequacy of passive transfer of antibodies


What is the dentition