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criticism of objective approach to reporting (1960s)
objectivity is believing people with power and printing their press releases. objective reporting reproduced a vision of social reality which refused to examine the basic structures of power and priviledge.
literary journalism (new journalism)
uses fictional storytelling techniques to report nonfictional material. Combines the content of reporting with the form of fiction EX: Silent Spring
objective journalism
reporters strive to mantain a neutral attitude toward the issue or event they cover. They also search out competing points of view among the sources for a story.
term that Roosevelt used to describe reporters who were willing to crawl in society's muck to uncover a story
Saturday Evening Post was groundbreaking because?
became first widely popular general-interest magazine.
It contributed to the construction of masculinity, then later targeted more general audience, like the family
TV guide was groundbreaking because?
significant turning point in modern magazine history.
showed sales potential of supermarket checkout lines. Example of synergy. Expanded magazines reach with multimedia ventures such as the preview channel
speicalization trend
(1950)The rise of television force radio and magazines to specialize.
Frankfurt School scholars primary arguments
Frankfurt school scholars criticized how we reduce large cultural questions to measurable and verifiable categories. (scientific method like)
instant books - what does this indicate about american culture?
defined as a topical book published quickly after a major event. Shows how American culture wants the news and facts about important events fast - books are trusted.
books relationship with television and film
books are made into televsion and films all the time - Author, Magic School Bus, reading rainbow, harry potter, lord of the rings
Oprah's Book Club impact
her book selections became immediate best-sellers. Has lifted careers of first time writers, women and minorities impact
more than 2.5 million titles avaliable for order
canon wars and primary issues under debate
debates about literary education that occurred primarily in the 1980s. Why were most "great" works of literature written by dead, white males? Academics arguing over which works of literature should be recommended and/or taught
pulp fiction
1885, 1/3 of all books published in the united states were popular paperbacks and dime novels sometimes identified as pulp fiction, a reference to the cheap, machine-made pulp paper they were printed on.
dime novels
mid 1860s cheap quick stories