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define political economy

argues that the political andeconomic spheres of life cannot be viewed as beingseparate; political economic action reflects both politicaland economic nationalities.

Intersection of “states and markets, power and wealth”(Aitken). A field which is multidisciplinary,interdisciplinary, and trans disciplinary.

define IPE

the study of the relationship between the political andeconomic spheres in international politics (world trade patterns,international financial systems, international regulatory systems.

define GPE

a critique on the concept of international political economy,arguing that the term “international” privileges certain types ofactors within the international political economic systems, whenin reality non-state actors can be just as important

what are the important actors in GPE?

 States

 International Organizations – IMF,WTO, WB, UN

 Regional Organizations – EU,NAFTA, ASEAN Multinational Corporations –Microsoft, Google, Nike

 Classes – Capitalist class, Labour,etc.

 Non-Governmental Organizations –Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation,etc.

what is the global political economy?

Central focus is the relationship between public andprivate power in the allocation of scarce resources

‘who gets what, when, and how?’

Interested in the problem of cooperation underanarchy

Contemporary work tends to focus on explanation,rather than prescription

Diverse theoretical and methodological approaches