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The attitude of United States social policy regarding child abuse can becharacterized by:
little action at all until the mid-19th century, and few formalized structures untilthe 1960s
“Child maltreatment” includes:
any of the above
The most common type of child maltreatment reported is:
Which of the following is a true characterization of the juvenile justice system?
despite declining levels of juvenile crime, public perception is that it is anepidemic that requires a fairly harsh response
Among the reasons that the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980is considered the most important piece of federal legislation to impact childwelfare practice is its
emphasis on family preservation as a major goal of the child welfare system
The main impetus for the Indian Child Welfare Act was:
disproportionate out-of-home placements for Native children
Which of the following is NOT a component of the Child Support Enforcementprogram?
augmenting child support collections up to the federal poverty line
As reauthorized in 2004, the Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1990 requiresstates to:
meet children’s educational needs in the “least restrictive environment”
Evidence on privatization within child welfare has demonstrated that
it is still unclear whether client outcomes are maximized in privatizedarrangements
The National Association of Social Workers (NASW)’s policy stance on childwelfare workers can be characterized as
an undergraduate or graduate degree in social work should be required for theadministration of public child welfare services
Pension plans that pay a specific amount every month if the retired personworked the required number of years are called:
defined benefit plans
Among services for older adults, Medicaid covers:
home-and-community-based services, but subject to state variations in eligibilityand offerings
Age demographics in the U.S. are generally characterized by
growing proportion of young people of color and growing population ofpredominantly white older adults
Compared to the poverty standard for younger adults, the poverty standard forthose over age 65 is
lower; you can make more money as a younger adult and still be consideredpoor
Which of the following was NOT part of the Older Americans Act?
the creation of Medicare
Programs funded through the Older Americans Act are:
capped; when money runs out, eligible applicants are denied services
The ‘sandwich generation’ refers to:
family caregivers simultaneously caring for small children and aging parents
Which of the following most accurately characterizes the fiscal strains facing theentitlement programs?
Medicare is in worse straits than Social Security, but both will need reforms tostay solvent in the next few decades
Addressing social policy for older adults requires:
supporting the intergenerational compact and interdependence
Hospice care is
end-of-life care that focuses on alleviation of pain