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a threat made in person, by telephone, or in writing indicating that a bomob has been placed at a location.

if one has exploded; then put
Name the 6 criterias for emergency priority call.
1. immediate threat to life.
2. violent criminal act in progress.
3. suspect pursuing citizen.
4. imminent critical danger.
5. violent incident has just occurred and there is a high expectation by the caller of a rapid police response or a likelihood of suspect apprehension.
6. unknown call by an excited caller.
This occurs when a person is (by their own volition) locked inside a building and refuses to come out.
An accident where the injuries are unknown.what is this?
cut a MVA1F for fire and ACCMAJ for police.
An assalt(threat to cause bodily injury) made to another in person.
Threat p=3
If it is in progress, use the typecode for disturbance,and raise to p=1.
If suspect is taking action on the threats or has injured someone, cut a combined call for ASALTC.
What is this?Priority?
The vehicle has been left unattended on a public street, normally for a period of time.The caller does not know who the vehicle belongs to and will want it to be removed from the location.
This vehicle has to be tagged and be in the same location for 72 hours.
This occurs when a subject is being held against their will, used as a shield, or used in the process of committing, attempting to commit, or fleeing from an offense location.
An accident that does not involve injuries and where all parties are still at the scene. what is this?
this involves a disabled vehicle with stranded occupants.
What is this?Priority?
An accident that results in injuries to any of the parties in the vehicles or to pedestrians.
Any act of burgularly that caller reports is happening now regardless of what is being broken into.
BURG p=1
this includes subjects turning door knobs and pushing on doors to try to get them to open.
An accident where someone is trapped, a veh has rolled over or ran into a structure, or there were more than 8 victims. what is this?p?

When a person intentionally or knowingly engages in sexual contact with a child or exposes his anus or any part of his gentials knowing the child is present, with the intent to gratify or arouse the sexual desire or any person.A child is any person or either sex younger than 17 years, and is not the person's spouse.
MISO p=3
An audible alarm or silent alarm coming from a business.
what is this and p?
someone finds a child locked inside a car and no one is around.
LOCKIN for fire
INVEST p=1 for police
Usually a silent alarm activated by a person inside the business indicating possible robbery or theft in progess.
Jack shot Lucy with a BB gun. what to do?
if Lucy can still see Jack or it just happened.
if it has been a while
An accident occurred in the Six Flags parking lot and one of the vehicles did not stay and exchange info. what is this and priority?
This involves a barking dog, a dog that has someone trapped inside a home or car, loose animal or livestock, OR a report of cruelty, abandonment, mistreatment, or injury to an animal.
Caller is reporting that they hear an car alarm.
A dog is lock inside a car and it is 75 degrees outside. what to do?
LOCKIN for fire
ANIMAL for police and raise p=1
What is this?Priority?
This accident occured on a public street/private property where one of the parties involved leaves the location prior to exchanging pertinent info, and where there are normally either minor injuries or no injuries.
This can be done by TLSV only if no debris or contents flies off the others veh and hits theirs.This has to be done within a 24 hour period and if it has been longer that 24, then they must fill out a state accident blue form for insurance purposes.
An audible alarm that the citizen can hear, but does not know the location it is coming from.
Usually a silent alarm activated by a person inside a residence indicating some sort of distress situation.
An audible or silent alarm coming from a residence.
If alarm co. is reporting an RALARM, AA1, AND MEDALM at the same time, enter the call at RALARM & MEDALM. raise the RALARM to a p=1.