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Comparative politics

Study and comparison of domestic politics across countries

State the significance of Comparative Politics

Inform and challenge ideals; helps make arguments about cause/effect by using evidence from space and time.

International Relations

Relations between countries


Organizations or activities that are self-perpetuating and valued for their own sake

State the significance of Institutions

What's possible and probable in political life (rules and structures which we live)


Process of determining "who gets what, when, and how"

State the significance of "Politics".

One or more persons given the power to make decisions for the larger group.


Ability to influence others/impose one's will on them.

Comparative Method

Way to compare cases and draw conclusions

South vs North Korea

State the significance of "Comparative Method"

Conclusions/generalizations valid in other cases

Inductive Reasoning

Studying a case --> making a hypothesis

State significance of "Inductive Reasoning"

Stops quick assumptions

Deductive reasoning

Start with puzzle --> make hypothesis about cause/effect to test multiple cases


Common things between factors and variables; association

Causal relationship

Cause and effect


Many variables are tied together to make certain outcomes

Variation in countries: gun control hard to be explained by a single variable.

State significance of "multicasuality"

No single, easy answers to political problems

Area Studies

Regional focus

Specialist on Cuba would also research other Latin American countries instead of European ones

State the significance of "area studies".

Know what's going on in other countries

Selection bias

Studies influenced by love for countries' language/culture can lead to selection bias


Problem with distinguishing cause & effect

Variables may be BOTH cause and effect in relationship to one another

State the significance of "endogeneity"

"The motor of history"


Combined set of hypotheses, assumptions, and facts

Modernization theory

As societies developed they would gain a set of common characteristics

Democracy and Capitalism became an ideal

Behavioral revolution

Movement during 1950's & 60s to make theories about single political behavior that could be applied across all countries


Study through in-depth investigation of limited number of cases

Interviews, observations, and other forms of documentary research

Rational choice

Weigh costs and benefits then choose in order of maximum benefits to minimum benefits


Game theory

Approach that emphasizes how actions/organizations behave in their goal to influence others

Supporting a revolution

Formal Institutions

Usually based on officially sanctioned rules that are relatively clear

Informal Institutions

Based on unwritten AND unofficial rules


Person's ability to act independently

Freedom of speech


Material standard of living shared by a people within a community, society, and country