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In what type of houses did the northeastern Indians live? What is the shape of the houses?
Many northeastern Indians lived in "longhouses" that was rectangle in shape.
If you sparkle at night and help lost peolple find their way, what might you be?
The stars
Who is Matoaka?
Pocahontas. This is her real name.
What part of the United States did Pocahontas live?
Pocahontas lived in the northeastern part of the United States now called, Virginia.
What is the meaning of "Pocahontas"?
"the naughty one" or "spoiled child"
The descendants of Pocahontas were known as...?
"Red Rolfes"
Who was Pocahontas' father?
Chief Powhatan
Who did Pocahontas marry?
John Rolfe
Did Pocahontas get married?
Did Pocahontas have any children according to the true story?
Yes, Pocahontas had a son named, Thomas Rolfe.
What is leather made from?
Animal skins.
Name a common thing Indians wore across the top of their heads.
a headband
Pocahontas came from what Indian Nation?
the Powhatan Nation
Does the Powhatan Nation agree with the story of "Pocahontas" by Disney?
In the true story, Pocahontas saved who from what?
Pocahontas saved John Smith from being clubbed to death by her father in 1607.
"Pocahontas" was her nickname. What is her real name?
Sometimes you're round, sometimes you're not but you are always bright at night. Who are you?
The moon
If you were the brightest light in the sky, what could you be?
The sun
What kind of animal did the Indians eat instead of beef?
Was Pocahontas and only child?
If you blow over a tree, make water move with ripples, and send a loud swishing sound across the air, what might you be?
The wind
If you could fly, what would you be?
A bird.
How did the Indians give themselves names?
They used things, animals, and characteristics of nature and natural forces.
In what century did Pocahontas live?
17th Century. During the 1600s.
In what direction is Virginia from New York? (North, East, West or South)
As the legend goes, who did Pocahontas save?
John Smith
Is the Disney story of Pocahontas true or false?
What is Pocahontas' English name?