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Self Identity

Intelligence, personality characteristics, self motivation

Health Span + Lifestyle

Economic status, health insurance, social engagement

Cognitive Plasticity

Keeping the mind and body active, learning

Rileys social structure and work

All ages should have work and leisure simultaneously

Super's Self Concept Theory

Choose career which reflects our Self Concept

1. Implementation-> Explore Jobs->Teen

2. Establishment-> Make a career choice -> YA

3.Maitnence-> Productivity-> Middle Adult

4.Declaration->Prepare for retirement-> Late Adult

5. Retirement-> Physical and social disengagement-> Late/ Senior

Holland's RIASEC Model

Leaf's SCCT Model

Mutual person environment interaction

I don't CAER model

Retirement Adjustment

Anxiety about retirement, what now?

Retirement as a Process

Pre-retirement->Honeymoon phase->Disenchantment Phase-> Reorientation phase-> Stability Phase-> Termination

Aging in Place

Remaining in the same home