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Pitutary is made of:

Anterior: Adenohypophysis

Posterior: Neurohypophysis

Neurohypophysis consists of:

axons from the cell body that form the paraventricular nucleus and supraoptic nucleus

Neurohypophysis hormones

ADH (antidiruetic hormone), Oxytocin

Adenohypophysis hormones

TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), LH (Lutenizing Hormone), GH (Growth Hormone), ACH (Adrenal Corticotrophic Hormone), Prolactin (PRL)

ADH (Anitdiuretic Hormone)

Maintains correct water (liquid) levels in the body to prevent over consumption or dehydration; regulated by osmoreceptors, pain, low b.p, nicotine, morphine


Contraction stimulating hormone; triggers the ejection of milk when the female body contains prolactin post child birthing; positive feedback mechanism; promotes a nurturing 'touch' and 'cuddly desires'

GH (Growth Hormone)

Metabolizes fats for transport, increases blood level of fatty acid; breaks down glycogen into glucose; increases b.g. levels, considered an anti-insulin hormone

TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)

TRH triggers release; stimulates normal development and secretion of the thyroid

ACH (Adrenal Corticotropic Hormone)

Releases corticosteriod hormones to resis stresses; triggered by fever, low b.g., anything stressful to the body

LH (Lutenizing Hormone)

A gonadotropin, regulates gonads and gonadal hormone production; triggers ovulation and testosterone production; GnRH controls LH

PRL (Prolactin)

Stimulates milk production in mothers; dopamine inhibits this stimulant; many hormones trigger PRL, as well as infant suckling